Mohammad Azharuddin: Bio Bubble Extensive Rules Will Not Affect Performance of Players


Former Indian Skipper Mohammad Azharuddin thinks that staying in bio-bubble will not influence the performance of the cricketers while just opposite to Azharuddin thoughts players have shared the rough experience of being in a Bubble.

Azharuddin emphasized on sufficient practice before the matches in an interview of a local tournament in Fatorda.

He said that it is very essential to practice two or three days before a match instead of doing regular physical exercises or yoga sessions.

Some players had explained the bio-bubble similar to a five-star prison. The players made a complaint of mental and physical exhaustion by residing in a restricted environment.

According to the current condition due to covid-19 the former Indian captain predicts that the bio-bubbles are going to remain here for some more time, and when the situation becomes good there will be no bio bubble.

Azharuddin said these tournaments will not be the  same as they used to be normal like in the past, when asked about Syed Ali T20 Trophy which is in progress since Sunday.

He further said that they cannot be same as before because it is played under a bubble and the players have to follow extensive bio-bubble rules and regulations due to Covid-19, so I don’t think it will be in the same way, he said.

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