Kuldeep Yadav’s Vaccine-Taking Pic Has Created A Controversy On Social Media

The Chinaman leg-spin bowler of India, Kuldeep Yadav, had created a controversy when he posted a picture of his while taking the vaccine of COVID 19 on a lawn of his guest house.

This picture was taken as social media gimmick by Kanpur magistrate Himanshu Gupta. But in reality, Kuldeep got his vaccine in a hospital on May 15th.

Yadav had posted the picture of taking his vaccine dose on the lawn. He has urged the people of India to take their dose of the vaccine because it is the only way to beat this deadly Corona Virus pandemic is continuing since the last year. But this pic had created a controversy on social media.

The hospital records say that Kuldeep has taken his vaccine dose in the hospital at Kanpur. But the picture which Kuldeep shared was from a guest house in the city of Kanpur’s Nigam guest house.

But later, the investigation reports and the Magistrate also said that Kuldeep Yadav had booked his vaccine through Jagdeshwar Hospital. Kuldeep was the 136th member to register his name for the vaccine dose.

But this picture of taking the jab become controversial because many thought that Kuldeep Yadav had been given VIP treatment, and that is why he was given the vaccine at the lawns of Kanpur.

The Magistrate said that not the case, and he believed that the picture of taking the vaccine in a park was just a social media and public stint. Magistrate Gupta also gave Kuldeep Yadav a clean chit regarding this issue.             

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