Former Indian Cricket player Gautam Gambhir has provided his opinion about the ICC cricket where he said that Virat Kohli is the closest competitor of Kumar Sangakkara for the ICC Cricketer of the Decade award.

Gautam Gambhir went to a show named ‘Cricket Connected’, which airs on Star Sports, where he was asked to pick a player according to him who will win the award and Gambhir went for team Shri Lanka’s star player Kumar Sangakkara. He said that It was a tough choice for him to choose as Sangakkara has a great record in cricket history and he is a tough competition and he has also helped the team Shri Lanka a number of times winning the games. Sangakkara has won a great number of trophies for his country. 

Gambhir said that Virat Kohli has really performed very well in last seven to eight years and he has really good numbers in all the three formats of the game. He also added that Kohli has dominated all the three formats and he is really a tough competition for Kumar Sangakkara.

In 2014 world cup final, where Sri Lanka defeated India, Sangakkara was the man of the match. He also added that Sangakkara has a lot of awards in his name in he is one hell of a player too. Gambhir also added that Sangakkara has made four consecutive centuries in 2015 world cup.

Other than Virat Kohli and Kumar Sangakkara, Steve Smith, Joe Root, AB de Villiers and Ravichandran Ashwin are also nominated for the ICC Cricketer of the Decade award. Though Gambhir has chosen Sangakkara as the winner, there are chances that he might not win. In last 10 years, Kohli was continuously performing well in the matches but Kumar Sangakkara was active for just five years. So there are chances that either Kohli or Steve Smith will walk with the trophy.