Will Kohli Last Century Curse Be Reversed In The Upcoming Matches In July?

The former captain of Indian Cricket Team Virat Kohli, who was the no. 1 batter in the ICC ranking for a long time, and who was being considered as the replacement of the legendary player, the god of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, is now going through the worst form of his career.

There was a time when people used to say that Kohli was the only player who had the capability of breaking Sachin’s 100-century record. But the fact is, Kohli is now miles away from those days as he has not scored a century in the last three years!

Everyone is talking about Kohli’s bad patch and the Indian cricket fans are looking for him to shine again on the ground with a 100 beside his name. and there is a chance for Kohli to fulfill his fans’ dream in the month of July, as in July, India is going to take on England on their home ground, where Kohli will still be the No. 1 batter on the Indian side.

Kohli Last Century: Why Kohli Is Out Of Form?

Being the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and the Indian Premier League or the IPL Team Royal Challengers Bengaluru, Kohli has gone through a lot of pressure for years. He is so popular that people demand a century from him in every single match, and if he fails to run in even a single match, fans and the media starts to criticize him badly.

Moreover, during the pandemic, the team and Virat Kohli were out of matches and practices for almost two years. This definitely affected Kohli’s form badly. Kohli is such a player who cannot fail – this is what people believe.

And no wonder, expectations of this level create high pressure on a player. Every time when he goes to bat for his team, the pressure keeps on ringing in his mind that there are people who will start criticizing him if he fails to perform.

Kohli Last Century
Kohli Last Century

No one will bare him. The media, the selection committee, the fans; and everyone will start to attack him if he fails. And only a player knows how it feels like when you have to play under this kind of tremendous pressure.

And if you talk about Kohli, then he is not just a matter of the Indian Cricket Team, he was the captain also. So he had to perform both as a captain and as a batter. He had to score a good run on the scoreboard and win the match for his team as well. This is a huge pressure to play under.

Though Kohli is a class player, sometimes the pressure becomes unbearable, and the nerves tend to fail. It is not possible to play in the same form in every match.

Moreover, the Indian Cricket Team goes through probably the tightest schedule in every calendar year. They have to play many series in all forms of cricket, as well as they have to play the IPL matches too. The Indian Cricket Team is such a team who gets the least rest. And tiredness definitely affects a player’s form.

And because of all of these, it is very likely to collapse for a cricketer, even if it is the great Virat Kohli.

Will Kohli Regain His Form In The July Series?

Though India has a T20 series of 5 T20 matches against South Africa before they fly off to England in July, there is a high chance of Kohli not playing in that series.

The board management and the team selection committee led by former Indian cricketer Chetan Sharma will probably give Kohli a rest in that T20 series against South Africa.

The rumors are Kohli is not going to play against South Africa as he has spent a lot of time in the bio-bubble. The selection committee thinks that he needs some rest from cricket.

Virat Kohli Last Century

Not only Kohli, one of the board members said that all the senior cricketers will have a break periodically in every calendar year. It is believed that this policy has been introduced to keep all the players afresh and give them breaks from the tightest cricket schedule in the world so that tiredness does not ruin their form like Kohli.

Though we say that cricket is just a one-ball game, and your fate is decided by that one ball, Kohli is such a class player and he can do anything with his bat on the ground. It is only a matter of time for Kohli to be back in his greatest form, and when he will return in his form, he will be the beast against the bowlers again.

So we can expect that after getting enough rest, Kohli will be able to start afresh in the series against England in the month of July 2022. And as he is one of the legends of Indian as well as world cricket, it is just a matter of time for him to bring back the devil in him against the opponent bowlers and hit unbelievable strokes and score unbelievable runs on the scoreboard for Team India.

Last Words

So, if you ask me about Kohli, yes, I believe that his off-form will be gone in the month of July as soon as he will start playing on the grounds of England. Because he, Virat Kohli, is not a person who is ready to accept defeat!

He is the genius batter and all-time great in the world! And last but not the least, he is a player who gives more than his capability. So he will return and regain his throne in July against England.

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