Kohli: Forget A Century, Test Average Is Now Below 50 For The First Time In 5 Years

Virat Kohli was dismissed for a few runs in both innings in the Bengaluru Test. He has not scored a hundred in 642 days. As a result, for the first time in five years, Kohli’s batting average dropped below 50 in Tests. Kohli has so far scored 8043 runs in 101 Tests. Average 49.95.

Kohli’s batting average would have been above 50 if he had scored 43 runs in two innings in the second Test. But Kohli was dismissed for 23 in the first innings and 13 in the second. In other words, he scored only 36 runs in two innings. As a result, Kohli’s batting average dropped below 50. Earlier, Kohli scored 45 runs in the first innings in the 100th Test in Mohali. India did not bat in the second innings.

Kohli last scored a century in a day-night Test against Bangladesh in Kolkata in November 2019. Since then, he has not been able to reach the three-digit house. Kohli has averaged just 26.03 runs in 16 Tests since 2020. He scored 64 runs in 3 Tests in 2020, 537 runs in 11 Tests in 2021, and 189 runs in 3 Tests so far in 2022.

He has not scored a hundred in 641 days. He has played all types of cricket in 72 innings. But former India captain Virat Kohli has not reached the three-digit mark. He was dismissed for 23 in the first innings in Bangalore. Kohli returned with only 13 runs in the second innings. 

Kohli was dismissed in the same manner in both the innings in Bangalore. He returned with the wicket to play the spinner on the back foot. Sunil Gavaskar is not happy with his dismissal. The former India cricketer also suggested how he could get a run. According to him, as long as Kohli does not stop playing such shots, he will be out again and again. Gavaskar advised Kohli to play on the front foot.

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