24 KL Rahul’s Tattoos & Their Meanings: Explained

There are over 24 tattoos that have raised a sensation in the whole world; he prefers to let his Tattoo and attitude do the most of the talking, and his calm demeanor on and off the field has been complimented.

Indian batter and Lucknow SuperGiants skipper KL Rahul is known for his jaw-dropping tattoos on his body. KL Rahul, like every modern sports celebrity, enjoys getting his body tattooed.

His off-field character is inextricably linked to the fighting scars covering the bulk of his body. His body language, hairstyle, and intense look all speak about his struggle before getting fame, making him the youth’s heartthrob.

Kannur Lokesh Rahul has quickly amassed a sizable fan base with his outstanding cricketing abilities. The Indian Cricket Team’s vice-captain is Rahul. He is a huge admirer of obtaining body inks, just like many athletes, and his body is a huge example of this.

His off-field reputation has prominently consisted of warrior-style tattoos covering a large portion of his skin. Some of his paintings have a narrative behind them; much of the art he has on his flesh remains a mystery.

There is a reason behind each ink. Some speak about success, some about struggle, and some are mysteries. Every Tattoo has a different meaning behind it. Everyone gets inked, and they have a purpose behind it. The same goes for him. Most images of skin are mysterious.

Let’s Investigate His Tattoos And Their Significance.

1. Rahul has a vivid tattoo of the letter “1” on the index finger of his left hand.

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

The Tattoo on his finger indicates his love and respect for his jersey number as he now plays for the Indian Cricket team.

2. All-seeing Eye Tattoo

All-seeing Eye Tattoo kl rahul

Rahul has an ornate pattern of an ‘all-seeing eye’ tattooed on his left bicep.

Rahul once said in one of his interviews that he had a very strong relationship with his grandparents and that this Tattoo is dedicated to them and that Tattoo reminds him of his grandparents, who are always monitoring and keeping an eye on him.

The All-seeing eye, also known as the ‘eye of God,’ symbolizes the reality that God is one and above us all. He is closely observing us and our acts; therefore, we must be wary of our behaviors.

3. ‘Anchor’ Tattoo on his right thigh’s bottom right inner side

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

An anchor is used to preserve a ship’s consistent stability throughout storms. It symbolizes Life, security, and a connection; over time, it became the symbol of love. This is also shown as a sign of fidelity: the anchor becomes securely embedded in the ocean floor and gives the ship the solidity it needs.

As our lives become more complex as the day passes, this anchor begins to be associated with our everyday stormy lives.

It is also a popular tattoo design for those who want to remind themselves to remain solid, serene, patient, quiet, and composed throughout turmoil. It also calculates power, coincidence, tranquility, and passion.

4. Roman Numbers Tattoo

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

Roman numerals tattooed on the right side of his torso can be read as ‘CCLXXXIV.’when it is expanded, it equals 284.

It is said that it represents his Test cap number for India. Rahul became the lucky cricketer, becoming the 284th member of the Indian national cricket squad.

In one of his interviews, he said how important this Tattoo is to him since it was incredibly difficult and difficult for him to obtain this position, and how his hard work paid off, and he was honored with this award.

5. Compass Tattoo 

Compass Tattoo 

An extremely mesmerizing and clean compass tattoo can be seen on the outer side of his right thigh.

A compass symbolizes safety and protection in Life, which means you can never be lost in Life no matter how hard the times. It instills hope and motivates you to follow your Heart and true destiny. Moreover, compasses always point North, a direction that represents growth, improvement, and inspiration.

He allegedly got this Tattoo to mark his vacation to Australia. What made that vacation so special? Well, no one knows that!

It represents the unlimited possibilities throughout Life. It is also said to keep you safe and sound by acting as a natural guide to help you get home securely.

6. Portrait of his Pet Dog

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

On the right side of KL Rahul’s back, he has a tattoo of his favorite dog, Simba.

KL Rahul is very fond of his beloved dog Simba, so he got a tattoo of his own “Lion King” on his back. Simba has his own Instagram account, where he posts photos with skipper Virat Kohli, his sister, and others.

7. Aries Sign Tattoo- A Key with Ram Horns

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

Aries tells about a person they are of the individual spirit, whereas Libra, Aries’ opposite sign, makes a point of collaboration. These rams believe in the “everyone for oneself” mentality. While this self-determination may be motivating, Aries must be wary of selfish inclinations.

Rahul’s left forearm resembles a pair of keys with Ram Horns. The personalized Tattoo reflects his Aries birth sign. It also has a few other connotations, such as opening your mind and spirit to new challenges and experiences in Life!

8. Hand Tattoo-Two Parallel Arrows

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

On his left hand, there are two parallel arrow tattoos. Two arrows are used in Life to indicate and mark new connections or ties. Many people consider this Tattoo to be a protective symbol.

It symbolizes protection and defense against any bad that may come our way. Sustenance – Arrows were used to attack opponents and seek food, both of which were essential for survival. Therefore, an arrow represents the preservation and protection of Life.

9. Leg Tattoo

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

We can see a gorgeous butterfly on the inner side of his right thigh and Maimi’s map with a knife cutting through it.

The butterfly shows new beginnings, faith, femininity, metamorphosis, and freedom. It’s another way of saying it.


10. Parents’ Names Tattoo

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

Rahul has Lokesh, his father’s name, on the inside side of his right wrist, and Rajeshwari, his mother’s name, on his left wrist.

“I had my parents’ names tattooed on my arm long ago.” They were becoming concerned about the number of tattoos I was getting, so I decided to get their names too, and they never mentioned anything after that,” he adds.

11. Maori Tattoo

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

A Maori pattern covers his shoulder, bicep, and arm on his left arm.

Maori tattoos honor our rich culture, tribe, and origin. Moreover, they have plenty of meanings and are related to your family, fortune, journey, stability, and, in some cases, your professional career.

Rahul had this Tattoo done at Kraayonz Tattoos in Bengaluru by Deep Kundu, a well-known tattoo artist.

12. Owl Tattoo

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

Owls are associated with wisdom, mystery, mysticism, and illusions. They are typically linked with the afterlife in Native American cultures and are considered spiritual guardians.

Because of the numerous owl mythology and folklore connections, people often see owls as symbols of wisdom and understanding. The owl may also represent change and time.

13. Lighthouse Tattoo

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

He has an outstanding Lighthouse tattooed on his inner left forearm.

The Lighthouse reminds him of his home. His upbringing was done in Mangalore near the seaside before moving to Bengaluru to start his cricket career. The Tattoo keeps his childhood memories alive and well! 

14. Sacred Heart with Wings Tattoo

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

Rahul’s gorgeous Tattoo on his upper back was his first body tattoo. He says that he got it when he was just 17 years old.

The Sacred Heart is called the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and is a well-known Catholic devotion. Jesus’ Heart is considered a sign of “God’s limitless and passionate love for people.”

The Heart has always been a metaphor for the soul, our emotional rivers, and our inner selves. A heart tattoo can represent sobriety, honesty, and truthfulness. 

The Sacred Heart is a heart that has wings on both sides. It is one of the most revered symbols in Roman Catholicism; it represents Christ’s compassion for humanity and his sacrifice on their behalf. Some people obtain this for protection, faith, and resolve, and acquire all the power from God’s guardians, i.e., angels.

15. Shoulder Tattoo 

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

Spartan means a courageous and self-disciplined individual.

He didn’t say what the clock represents, but he sees a mirror of himself in the Spartan – “the pitch is his battleground and the location where his deadly instincts come in,” he admits. Rahul’s Tattoo was completed in seven eight-hour sittings.

Simple tattoo designs seem manly when done in all-black ink. The soldiers are the most popular and courageous Spartan Tattoo and symbolize dignity and power.

16. Clock Tattoo with Latin Phrase

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

A clock with the time 11 o’clock is tattooed on the inside side of his left bicep.

The clock is used to signify major events in your life. The Tattoo on Rahul’s body commemorates his birth date; he was born on April 18, 1992, at 11 a.m. Exactly over it, he has the Latin phrase “Veni, Vidi, Vici” inked, which means “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

He picked this Latin word to inform the world that he had finally arrived on the scene and that they should be aware of his exceptional qualities and capabilities in the area.

17. Dagger on Leg

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

A dagger is tattooed on the back of his right leg.

Everything in Life serves two purposes: good and bad, the same as a sharp dagger represents two things: one is negative, such as death, betrayal, and loss, while the other is stability, courage, fearlessness, and protection.

18. Eye Tattoo

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

His left bicep has an open eye, which tells about his grandparents constantly with him and keeping a watch on him. He was very close to them, and they played a major role in his life.

19.‘Deshi Basara’ Tattoo

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

He is a fan of the superhero Batman, and he has a tattoo of ‘Deshi Basara,’ which means ‘to rise,’ on his right forearm. He took this from the 2012 Batman film The Dark Knight Rises.

20. Clock Tattoo

The heartthrob was born at 11 a.m., which is why he had a clock positioned on the inside part of his left bicep. There is also a Latin word “Veni, Vidi, vici” inscribed right beneath the clock, which tells that KL Rahul’s moment has come, and he will use the willow to dominate the globe.

21. Rose on hand

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

Rose is tattooed on his left hand as a sign of eternal love, passion, romantic relationships, and friendships.

22. Stars on Arm Tattoo

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

By hearing the star’s name, calmness comes into our minds, divine direction, and protection. Rahul has several stars inscribed on his left inner arm. They are seen as a sign of supervision, direction, boldness, and adventure.

23.’ XI’ Tattoo

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

He has the Roman numeral ‘XI’ tattooed on his left inner arm. When he joined the Indian Cricket Team, it was assumed to be his first initial.

24. Crescent Moon Tattoo

24 KL Rahul's Tattoos & Their Meanings

The Luna or sickle of the moon, also known as the waning and waxing moon, is a sign of fertility and is associated with Life and death, making it a famous emblem in many religions.

It identifies changing seasons, ebb, and tide. His right-hand bears a little crescent moon tattoo. The crescent moon represents manifestation, flowering, imagination, and creativity.


Everyone can’t represent their country. We’ve got to put in a lot of effort to get here.” We have this wonderful chance — God has been gracious — to go to locations where we may have fun and do things other than cricket.

They want us to have a good time, but not in public. Nobody wants to waste their lives; we won’t be 25 again.”

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