Kagiso Rabada Q&A: Black Lives Matter, Need For Honest Conversations And Making Sustainable Progress

Each and every sport has time and again given a strong and clear message against racism but observing the incidents that keep taking place, we realize that there’s still a long way to go. 

It is basics of respecting the game and every player which need to be inculcated in anyone related to the sport.

Rabada’s views:

Kagiso Rabada recently in an interview given to Sky Sports stated that, it is true that the world has come together in unity but there’s still a lot to do. He says there have been conversations taking place in their team regarding the issue and the dicussions have been very much productive. He says the change will come but the world needs to talk and discuss more openly about it.

The world-wide protest:

We saw a big protest in the months of June-July when in US a black man was ill-treated by a white policeman. The protest against racism took place in almost every part of the world after that incident. 

Each and every sport after resuming from the pandemic displayed a clear message of ‘Black Lives Matter’ right from the jerseys of the players to the scoreboard. This showed that sports judges players on the basis of their talent, not on their skin colour.

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