Kagiso Rabada Q&A: Black Lives Matter, need for honest conversations and making sustainable progress!!

Hello dear cricket lovers! There are many protests, marches and debates are organised to erase racism and told people that black lives matter, but there are some people exist who’re unable to erase racism from their minds!

Today, we’ll put a glance on the efforts of South African cricketer, Kagiso Rabada who demands an honest conversation on Black Lives Matter and making sustainable progress!

Ahead of white-ball series between South Africa and England, the stunning pacer spoke to Sky Sports’ about the racism and shows his desire of pure conversation. 

As he is very vocal on this subject, so sometimes he had discussion on it with his teammates in dressing room!

So, lets have a look on the conversation! 

He discussed this issue a lot and thinks it isn’t something which gets resolved in a year, it’s an ongoing process which takes time and progress slowly. 

As the world is moving towards unity, so we all have to join hands and abolish all kinds of discrimination whether it is racial, regional, men-women as soon as possible!

And honestly, it’s all about us guys, if we delete these things from our mind, we can easily get rid of the discriminative environment!

Hence, to remove the racial discrimination and enhance the lives of black, Rabada, organized an honest conversation camp which is literally important and is a step to move ahead in a bright and impartial future! 

Are these things productive or just waste of time!

Come on, folks! Definitely, this is one of the best ideas to provoke and acknowledge people around the world and is one hundred percent productive! 

According to Journalist, Neil Manthorp, if you want to address some sensitive and touchy issues, you must create an honest environment in which people are free to release their thoughts, where they don’t have any fear in their minds!

If you don’t speak out what you actually thinks, then no one will ever going to erase any kind of discrimination worldwide!

 Before this year’s IPL, they arranged a camp in Skukuza and thousands of people actually opened up there!

Do these kinds of honest conversations will surprise and excite you?Let us know your mind!

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