Humanity has made its reach out of the solar system into many far and further galaxies, planets, stars, through tremendous technological advancements but the notion and thinking of some people is still smaller than the size of a proton, neutron, or a quark. Provided with proper education and acquired cognition, a few human beings are not able to think rationally or rightly. It is weird and common at the same time to hear and see that racism is still out there in the world and even in big organizations.

Holder and Dawood speak up!

Hoisting their voices against the poor behavior done with them in the working regime of theirs are the two senior cricket personalities, England’s former first-class, and Test umpire, John Holder, and another former English Cricketer and former batsman and wicketkeeper, Ismail Dawood has sued the England and Wales Cricket Board for alleged race discrimination. 

There have been 11 years since the retirement (in 2009) of John Holder and before that he served as an executive umpire for straight 30 years and for the fact that he wanted to impart his knowledge to the young cricketers of that time, so he applied for the position of a coach in the ECB and for his astonishment he did not receive any answer from the ECB’s end. According to Holder, there has been no appointment of any non-white umpire, coach since his retiral, and regarding this he and Ismail requested for a QC-led (Quality Control-led) inspection in November 2020.

John Holder said he doubts that for the selection of umpires there is prevailing a certain procedure to choose white umpires only. He emphasizes that there should be an unclouded strategy for picking, instructing, and guiding umpires, which doesn’t seem to be in current cricket rules.

The cricketer who has played for four counties namely Worcestershire, Yorkshire, Glamorgan, and Northamptonshire Cricket County Clubs, Ismail Dawood, when wished to serve for longer by becoming an Umpire, he tried a total of six times but on his request, ECB turned a deaf ear. And he saw others getting chosen for the post of an umpire in front of him.

While the ECB was witnessed saying that Impartiality and equality are at the core of game strategy, motivating ages, that is to make cricket and any game available to everyone.


South Africa Cricket Team, on the other hand, on the 26th of December 2020, uplifted its fists to show that they stand against racism together, which is one of the loveliest gestures in the world, and for that CSA and its players deserve a round of applause. 

The problem of discrimination on any basis can only be curbed if all of the people of the world stand shoulder by shoulder or at least broader their mindset.

How do you think that this hinders the game? Do you want them to get justice? Share your expressions with us.

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