‘I’ve said it for a long time’: Khawaja calls on Australian cricket to face ‘very hard’ reality!!

Discrimination never ends and if some one has discriminative perception then it comes out one or the other day in front of everyone. 

With that, let us tell you the journey of  Usman Khawaja, first black Muslim cricketer of Australian cricket team.


An initiation of a Home-grown activist named Tamika Sadler claimed in October that Australian sport being a platform that provides everyone a fair run is clearly a myth.

She backed up the statements by highlighting lack of diverse representation in sports field. She believes that Australian sport is sometimes seemed as white privileged or white society 

In Australia, every children’s mind is developed with a multicultural and multifaceted characters but still there are only few people of coloured face in Australia’s sport. 

Well, it means they have still discriminative thoughts inside their heads!

Role of Usman Khawaja!

He is an Australian cricketer who’s currently representing Australia and Queensland. He shared his arrival experience with Herald and Age, explaining when he entered in this sport, everyone was only demotivating him. When he arrived Sydney from Pakistan he didn’t even know how to speak in English, everyone says that he would never make it, he has a wrong skin colour and so on!

But, Khawaja goes on and on and doesn’t took even a single step back and at last in 2011 made his first debut in Sydney Test and becomes the first Muslim to play for Australia.

He said that sometimes it’s difficult for a subcontinent person to find coaches, broad members and so on but later on everything will be sorted slowly.

Recently, he’s a member of working group formed by CA and on Tamika’s statement he states that this is a broader action plan which doesn’t succeed overnight and will take some time, yes, the things are starting to happen but will take time for sure!

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