IPL Season 13’s Opening Had Record 269 Million Viewers, As Per Studies

IPL is one of the best things that fans from all around the world await the whole year. Now, due to the pandemic situation, this year IPL is not happening in India.

Fan-less games played in Abu Dhabi are being the most entertaining matches in the history of IPL. 

Some studies have shown that a record of 269 million viewers had tuned in for the opening week of IPL. The data was released on Thursday where the study was revealed. According to the study every minute, there is an increase of 15% in the viewership counts. 

The BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council India) revealed that the first seven matches or rather say the first week of the IPL from Sep 19-25 had more than 60 billion viewings per minute. 

Gautam Thakar, the CEO of Star Sports said, “We’re thrilled to deliver the biggest ever IPL. The opening week resulted in a staggering new viewership record.” He further said, “Dream IPL 2020 wouldn’t have been possible without the support of all our sponsors and stakeholders.”

IPL 2020 started with Mumbai and Chennai taking on each other. Fans went crazy when Dhoni took the field which shown the fans that the year 2020 had still left something good for the fans. No doubt that the match was not as entertaining as ever. 

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