IPL 2022: KKR’s Bad Strategy, 20 Players Tried Over 10 Matches!

Last season’s runner-up team Kolkata Knight Riders of the Indian Premier League had landed as a strong contender in this current season.

KKR’s team this season looked even more balanced and stronger than last year. KKR was considered by cricket pundits as the team of the last four of IPL 15.

Kkr Is Now Struggling After A Great Start

KKR started the season in the same fashion where they were going strong with 3 wins in their first 4 matches. This performance of KKR took a step towards converting the faith of his fans into faith. Suddenly the team of Kolkata Knight Riders started disintegrating, the team had to wait a long time for the next victory after 3 wins in the first 4 matches. KKR are now struggling to make it to the playoffs after losing 5 matches in a row.

Likely To Make It To The Playoffs

Under the captaincy of Shreyas Iyer, the team definitely won the 10th match, but here they are now standing in a do or die situation in every match. A defeat for them from here will get them a ticket to be out of the playoff race.

After 10 matches in this season, Kolkata Knight Riders are in 8th place with 4 wins. From here KKR not only has to win every match but also depends on the results of other matches.

Incomprehensible Strategy, Try 20 Players In 10 Matches

After all, how did this situation happen to Kolkata Knight Riders? This is a question of course, but the answer comes from their strategy. KKR’s strategy this season has been completely incomprehensible. Where he himself did the work of hitting an axe on his leg with his own hands.

Yes, there was no shortage in KKR’s team, if there was a shortage, then only and only in their planning, where they made a lot of changes this season. So far only 10 matches have been played, in which he has given 20 players a chance.

Till Now Kkr Has Given 5 Opening Pairs A Chance

Not only this, KKR changed 5 opening pairs during this period. Where he did not keep faith even in the opening pair, where he showed disbelief by giving 5 opening pairs a chance. Venkatesh Iyer opened with Ajinkya Rahane in the first 5 matches of this season. After this Aaron Finch and Venkatesh Iyer opened the innings. 

After this, there was a change again and Sunil Narine and Aaron Finch were given a chance. If this did not fill his life, then KKR tried Sam Billings with Sunil Narine. This was followed by a change for the re-opening in the 10th match, where Baba Inderjit got a chance along with Aaron Finch.

KKR did not put their trust in a team by making constant changes, only their team management knows what kind of strategy this is, but in any tournament, such success can not be achieved.

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