IPL 2020, MI vs RR: ‘He has been remarkable,’ Sachin Tendulkar is mighty impressed with young pacer!

Hello, dear cricket lovers! IPLs are going on and in these IPLs almost every player is giving their best in every game, basically, every cricketer is amazed us either by their stunning bowling or by the aggressive batting. 

Today we’ll put a glance on one of the teammates of Rajasthan Royals named Jofra Archer, whose aggressive batting has set the ground on fire in Sunday’s match which was between Royals and Mumbai Indians!

His superb bowling was appreciated and comment on by the legend cricketer Sachin Tendulkar via a tremendous tweet in which he wrote some lines about his unimaginable bowling. All those who watched Sunday’s IPL match and was shocked by his performance must go comment on Tendulkar’s post for Archer, 

About Sunday’s Match!

The match was between Royal and Mumbai Indians and won by the Royals by eight superb wickets. Frankly, the credit of the whole winning goes to the century-maker Ben Stokes, but the English cricketer Jofra Archer also contributes to winning by his outstanding aggressive bowling against Mumbai Indians.

Jofra Archer, a tremendous English cricketer representing England and Sussex, who made his debut for England in May 2019 and won the Wisden Cricketers of The Year award in this pandemic year. Since 2018, he’s playing for the Royals and always took a wicket, because of which he’s an amazing young pacer. 

England pacer Jofra Archer’s bowling always put the opposition team in trouble with his lethal pace and dangerous swings, sometimes I think he’s hungry for many years for the wickets as he played 12 games so far and has taken 17 wickets, which is seriously unbelievable!

The reason behind the Appreciation!

Sachin Tendulkar revealed the reason behind the 25-year-old pacer by uploading a 4 minute 9 seconds video on his Twitter account.

He appreciates his bowling technique and the way he looked to get wickets is seriously incredible. The aggression is seen in his face while bowling it’s like hitting the deck hard! 

Hence, buddies don’t forget to watch out the video posted by the legendary batsman about the amazing pacer and also comment us how much you like the Archer’s bowling. Also, stay tuned and connected to know more surprising facts about the ongoing IPL!


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