IPL 2020: How is coronavirus’ position in the UAE

The whole world is currently facing the sting of Corona. The deadly virus named Corona originated in China, after which the epidemic spread across the globe. Coronavirus has created a massive outbreak across the world, due to which India could not remain untouched at all. Instead, India has reached the top 3 countries in Corona infected area in the world record.

IPL is being organized in the UAE between the Corona era

The outbreak of Corona in India is increasing continuously and due to the same IPL was canceled in March, after which BCCI decided to move the IPL out of India to UAE. 

BCCI didn’t want to miss this season of the IPL in any way, and for that reason, they decided to have the IPL in the UAE, which is set to start on September 19.

In the case of Corona in the UAE, the situation is much better.

Coronavirus spread immensely in India, and because of that, the BCCI is getting the IPL in the UAE between the shadow of Corona, but the biggest question is what is the situation of Corona in UAE, where IPL will be under security or not?

After all, why did the BCCI choose UAE as the right place for the IPL in the middle of the Corona era? Corona’s dash ratio in UAE is relatively low, where so far only 0.6% of the total cases have been killed.

UAE’s dash ratio only 0.6 percent, so far only 376 people died

IPL 2020: How is coronavirus' position in the UAE
IPL 2020: How is coronavirus’ position in the UAE

If you look at the records in the UAE from February till now, i.e. till August 25, then 67,282 people have been infected here. Of these, only 376 people have died. So at the same time, 58,582 of these people have recovered and returned to their homes. That is, there is also a healthy percentage of 87.1, which is much better.

In the UAE, a large number of people from nearby countries, i.e. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal go to work there. But in the Corona period, a large number of people have returned to their countries. In such a situation, the risk of judgment was also reduced due to reduced population density.

The corona crisis is very rare in the UAE. In such a situation, the BCCI considered the right option of organizing the IPL. By the way, managing the IPL will be a big challenge for the UAE government as well as the UAE Cricket Board in the Corona era.

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