Indian cricket team accused of ‘mind games’ by Allan Border over date changes


Due to changes in scheduled matches with Australia, India was blamed for playing brain games with Australia over the organized cricket series during the summer.

Former International Australian Cricketer player Allen Border has requested to Australia Cricket Club to reject India’s request for rescheduling their following year’s test match to 7th January 2021.

During the Boxing Day Test, players will be requested to allow more breaks between that match, but Allen Border got furious over the opinion of India which can also affect the Big Bash League, as well as interfere with the Australian Open Tennis.

He continues that they’ve been organizing consecutive test matches for many years and it worked well for them and they are not okay with altering the schedule just so that Indians could get days off. 

Allen Border said that this must not be a reconciled case. If they are requesting the days off due to the COVID situation then it’s acceptable. However, in case they are asking for it just to have days off between both the series then it’s not reasonable. 

Indian cricket team accused of 'mind games' by Allan Border over date changes
Indian cricket team accused of ‘mind games’ by Allan Border over date changes

The skipper of the Indian Cricket team, Virat Kohli‘s wife Anushka Sharma anticipates their child in the month of January 2021, which might probably affect the performance as well as the availability of Virat Kohli during this test series.

He stated that if the same was asked by the Australians, the proposal would have been avoided and no changes would have been made to the schedule. 

Allen Border said that they assume that they are the powerful country in the Cricket world and financially the same thing so they do have a fair opinion about it.

But if the positions were overturned, they won’t say much in the itinerary, It will just be arranged for them, and will be informed of the dates that they are going to play.

They can reconcile as much as they want but these are the confirmed dates that everyone knows about it that these dates will not be altered with from calendar, so go forward according to the schedule.


Australian would be staying on their schedule and will execute them according to their arrangements and avoid the requests by India. Hope that you found this article beneficial so do look into our other stories too and many more to come so stay tuned and stay updated.