India women remain in limbo as BCCI looks set to postpone Australia tour!!

Due to the ongoing pandemic every match is postponed and as all matches date are systematically decided if one of the matches gets postponed the whole chain breaks! 

On the same note, the update is that India women who remain in limbo as BCCI looks set to postpone Australia tour.


India women’s January tour to Australia looks set to be rescheduled to later in the year due to the uncertainty that plagued the international schedule since the cancellation of the tour of England in July. 

In May, Cricket Australia had announced to host three One Day International matches on 22, 25 and 28 January as part of the build-up 2021 50-over World Cup in New Zealand which was earlier in February but due to the pandemic shifts to March 2022.

Technically, every match is delayed by almost six to eight months. A series against South Africa in April or May is also being considered to reschedule to 24th December. 

In between the delay conversation, one of Indian women player named Shantha Rangaswamy states that if a biosecure environment can be created for the England men’s team, then they can also do it for women’s team too. 

Shantha, the former India women’s captain and recent member of the BCCI’s apex council, shows stress on the increased financial expenses during the pandemic entail. In a nutshell, this pandemic increase the expanses a lot! 

So, lets see will the match postponed or not! Share your views on Shantha’s financial statements!

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