India vs Pakistan Series 2022: Will It Happen? Here’s What You Should Know

The Indian cricket board has never said it will not play Pakistan. Instead, BCCI president Sourav Ganguly and PCB chairman Ramiz Raja are keen to take cricket relations between the two countries forward. Such is the demand of the former chairman of PCB Toukir Zia.

India and Pakistan have not met in a bilateral series since 2012. Political tensions have also affected cricket. But the boards of the two countries are keen to take cricket relations forward. Such is the claim of Taukir.

“Cricket should be seen as a game,” he said. I want to ignite the heat of cricket. That’s why when the two countries meet in the ICC tournament, the ticket runs out within minutes.

“The problem is with the government,” Taukir said. “The BCCI has never said it will not play cricket with Pakistan. Two former cricketers are now at the top of the cricket boards of the two countries. They understand the importance of the India-Pakistan cricket series. Sourav Ganguly and Ramiz Raja want to take cricket forward. What could be better than watching a cricket match between two nations? “

Ramiz recently proposed to the ICC to host a four-nation tournament with India, Pakistan, Australia and England. The former chairman called the PCB chairman’s proposal great. He said the issue of ICC should be taken seriously.

Ramiz Raja had earlier proposed to start a four-nation cricket tournament between India and Pakistan. The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said that he would discuss the matter with Indian Cricket Board (ICB) President Sourav Ganguly.

Soon after becoming the chairman of the Pak board, Ramiz indicated that he was interested in launching an India-Pakistan duo even without the ICC platform. A few months ago, the former Pakistan captain offered to start a new tournament. Where four teams including India and Pakistan will play.

In the past, such competitions could be seen in Sharjah. The Australia Cup was held with India, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand. This time, however, according to Ramiz’s proposal, England will be the fourth team instead of New Zealand.

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