India Vs England Test series Is Unlikely To Change After ECB Didn’t Accept The Request From BCCI

The five-match Test series between India and England will start on the 4th of August at Trent Bridge. But the Indian Board had requested to prepone the series by a week to host the remainder of the IPL 2021 season in that window.

The BCCI has not received any favourable response from the England Cricket Board. The BCCI is still looking for a window to complete the 31 matches of the IPL  2021 season.

But the request from the BCCI wasn’t a formal one. The ECB spoke person didn’t receive anything of that sort. That was an informal discussion between the two boards, which didn’t yield any result.

The ECB will not accept the request from BCCI to prepone the series by a week. The ECB has a clear stand on this, and there is no point in making a formal request.

So instead, England Cricket Board will ingurgitate a T20 league called the Hundred. The broadcasters and the deals are in place. This T20 league tournament starts from the 24th of July to the 21st of August 2021. So there is no chance of preponing the Test series by a week.   

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