India Among Six Teams To Qualify For Women’s T20 At 2022 Commonwealth Games

There is a piece of very great news for all the Indians out there. The women cricket team of India has been qualified for the Commonwealth Games which will take place next year.

In the 2022 commonwealth games, there will be a women’s T20 competition and the Indian women’s team will be one of the teams to play there. Along with the Indian team, five other countries have qualified for the 2022 commonwealth games in cricket.


In the 2022 Commonwealth Games, along with India and England, there will be six more teams who will play in the competition. The other five teams are Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, and West Indies. The last team hasn’t been finalized yet.

As per the International Cricket Council, there will be a tournament early in the next year and the winner of the tournament will be playing as the eighth team in the commonwealth games.


The teams have been selected based on the International Cricket Council’s ranking of the top women cricket teams. These are the top 8 teams in the ICC’s table who have been selected for commonwealth games.

However, there are multiple women cricket teams in West Indies hence the which team from West Indies will play is not finalized so far. There will be a completion of women’s cricket in the Caribbean and the winning team will play in the commonwealth games. The winning team will be representing their own country, not the West Indies though.

It will be the first time in the history of commonwealth games that women’s cricket will be added to the commonwealth games. There have been 22 editions of the commonwealth games and there was never a women’s cricket game.

There was cricket only one time in the year 1998 in which the South Africa team won the One Day international competition. It was the last time there was cricket included in the commonwealth. It will be the first time for women’s cricket and the second for men’s cricket in the commonwealth games.

ICC was very happy to announce the news. The chairman of ICC said that they were very proud that cricket will be added to the commonwealth games. The commonwealth games are scheduled to be held in Birmingham next year.

So, do you think the Indian Women team will be able to win the commonwealth championship next year?

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