In Australia for Test series, Mohammed Siraj loses father back home

Hello Cricfann! You must have heard a phrase, ‘show must go on’. Well, the same has been recently implemented bravely by Mohammed Siraj.

Mohammad Siraj’s father Mohammed Ghouse expired on 21 November due to a prolonged lung ailment which he suffered from. It was a tough time for the player to listen to a sudden demise of his father. 

But Siraj deserves high amount of appreciation as he decided to stay in Australia and represent his national side in the upcoming series instead of going back to Hyderabad to perform his father’s last rites. He can’t afford to go back at this point in time as the quarantine period in both the nations is 14 days.

During this tough time, the entire team gave their condolence to Siraj. Moreover, Siraj’s IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore tweeted, ‘he entire RCB family is with you during this difficult time. Stay strong, Miyan,”

A Bonding Explained

A father-son love can’t really be reduced in words and the same bond has been shared between Siraj and his father, Ghouse. The father always supported the son’s ambition and been an inspiration in Siraj life.

We hope the Ghouse inspiring life for his son keep his strong to move ahead in life.lOur heartfelt prayers are with Mohammad Siraj and his family.

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