ICC New Chairman John Barclay: ICC Certainly Needs Indian Cricket


ICC needs Indian cricket, and more to this India massively important part of world cricket says, ICC chairman Greg Barclay.

John Barclay, International Cricket Council’s (ICC) new chairman said that everyone admits the importance of a strong member board. The same as we have our BCCI.

Greg Barclay the new chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC) selected after replacing the temporary chairman Imran Khwaja.

The reason behind this statement was clear as the matter of fact India is a major important part of world cricket. More to this India is a huge contributing member of the ICC.

Barclay further added to his statement as like all families we have general feuds time to time the same happens in the ICC too.  

But apart from these disputes, India recognises it’s important not to ICC, and also for the world cricket. This makes India an important member in ICC. 

India and New Zealand both were made a full member of ICC in the year 1926. So, both the nation is contributing almost 100 years with the Organization. 

Barclay said, he sees bilateral cricket and with this the world cricket being very interrelated.

The reason why he thinks bilateral cricket is important as because individual countries get fan rendezvous, aspirational arrangement around cricketers.

Moreover, this bilateral cricket will list out high-performance programs and each elite cricketers from their team will be being able to play at the top stage. 

Most importantly ICC events are undoubtedly a showcase of cricket and according to him ICC runs it well and provide an opportunity for each to participate in these events.

It’s a balanced deal as because showcasing these events generate a reasonable amount of most country’s income. Thus, eventually, it’s a win-win situation, and hope it continues the way it’s going today. 

This is all from the need of Indian cricket to ICC. For more such interesting news and cricket updates, Stay tuned!


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