ICC Headquarters Affected With The Pandemic: Dubai, IPL 2020


As the IPL is going on, everyone’s mood has just lightened up, which has been down since the pandemic has hit us. The IPL season 13 has been entertaining us with breathtaking games since the first game itself. 

Only nine matches have been played so far and we have witnessed so many young talents sprouting with their best performances. There are more matches to come and we can’t wait. 

The tournament has just begun and we’re all overwhelmed already. However, there is news from the ICC headquarters of Dubai, that the Covid-19 virus has hit some of their staff members. 

A Look At The ICC Headquarters And It’s Situation 

The headquarters of ICC have been located in Dubai since 2005. It is sad to know that some of their staff members have been affected by the pandemic. The news came from the board members of ICC. 

The good news is that immediate action has been taken according to the protocols for safety and health. The affected staff members are sent home for isolation as per the UAE protocols. It is said that they will be working from home for a couple of days more. 

ICC Headquarters Affected With The Pandemic: Dubai, IPL 2020
ICC Headquarters Affected With The Pandemic: Dubai, IPL 2020

The headquarters will be shut for some more time. Everything will go through thorough sanitation before any work is begun. The management was already prepared for such a thing to occur and so it is all being handled really well. 

The Teams 

There is no need to worry about the teams as the teams are already located keeping social distancing in mind. The training grounds have been declared as safe to continue practice as no staff member of ICC ever-present for any practice sessions. 

Although no contact with the ICC directly has been done, the board members have assured that the academy where the practice sessions take place is absolutely safe and healthy. 

It is good news that the teams are not affected by this. As mentioned earlier, the ICC prepared for everything when UAE was chosen to host the IPL season 13

It is not very good news to know that the headquarters are hit with the virus but everything is being handled well which is all we need. The situation is under control and everyone is safe. There is a lot more to come. Stay connected to us for more!