ICC Announcement: Change In Rules In T-20 Cricket

A committee headed by former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly suggested some changes and the ICC made some changes in the rules and regulations for men’s cricket.

These changes are going to take effect from October 1st. That means it will affect the World Cup too, which is going to happen in October in Australia.

The main changes are as follows:

The next batter will go on strike

When a batter is caught, the next batter will be on strike. It does not matter if the non-striker has changed the side or not; the new batsman will face the next ball.

Previously, if the non-striker switched sides, the new batsman would move to the non-strike side and the non-striker would play the bowl.

The use of saliva to polish a ball is prohibited

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision was made not to use saliva to polish the ball to stop the spread of COVID-19.

This decision was temporary, but now it is permanent. Now the players will not be able to shine using saliva. They can, however, use sweat to shine the ball, which has proved to be more effective.

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Time limit changes for incoming batsmen

In ODIs, the batsman must now take the strike within two minutes, while the T-20 time limit remains unchanged at 90 seconds.

This time limit was previously set at 3 minutes in ODIs, but it has been reduced. If the batsman fails to adhere to the time limit, the field captain may request a time out and the batsman may declare out.

Unfair movement of the fielding team

Any unfair or deliberate movement of the fielding team can end up giving 5 penalty runs to the opposition team, which can be added to a dead ball.

Run out of the non-striker

ICC change the rule in t20 cricket

While bowling, the non-striker player moves ahead of the line, which was earlier controversial and called “unfair play”, but it has been backed by the new rule which tells us that it is under the rules of the ICC rule book and will be considered as a runout.

These were the main changes that happened during the meeting. There was also a minor change which was the introduction of an in-match penalty in ODI matches too, which was already followed in T-20 cricket.

Sourav Ganguly, who headed the Men’s Cricket Committee, congratulated the committee for the contribution and cooperation of the committee members.

He said, “It was an honor to chair my first meeting of the ICC Cricket Committee. I was pleased with the productive contributions of the committee members, which resulted in key recommendations being made.

I thank all members for their valuable input and suggestions.

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