How To Properly Plan Your Trip to London

If you are planning your holidays in London and you have never been there before, be prepared to be visiting one of the most populated cities in all of Europe, but at the same time, it also offers probably some of the best attractions in one place for tourists to enjoy.

When you are making your plans for seeing London, there are some attractions that simply can’t be missed and you need to plan accordingly. One thing you will truly love about London is the fact getting around is far easier than it is in a lot of other cities in the world.

They have one of the quickest and least expensive public transportation systems in the world and this system will allow you to see all of the greatest places even if your stay is not going to be a long stay.

One of the most important things you will need to remember is that when you are packing it is vital that you include an umbrella or some sort of rain gear to wear. It does not matter what time of year you are going you should always be prepared for unexpected weather conditions while in London.

How To Properly Plan Your Trip to London
How To Properly Plan Your Trip to London

Even if you choose to travel during the peak season of late spring to the early fall when the weather is best, you still might be caught by an unexpected rainstorm.

When you are looking for a hotel, choose your accommodations wisely. You should make sure that wherever you decide to stay at that it will be near the places you are going to want to see the most. This way you will have an easier time fitting all of the attractions into your itinerary.

You can find great guidebooks that will help you find your way around London so you really need to make sure that you have one of their guidebooks with you at times. One of the best is called “London A-Z”.

Have this with you always because not only is it filled with all the different places to visit but it also includes a variety of different maps that will help you get around the city on foot and via the Underground.

Make sure that you wear clothes that are comfortable and shoes that are going to allow you to do a lot of walking. Casual clothes are probably the most common types of clothes that you will need. Unless you are planning on going to the Ritz or something there should be no need to wear anything formal while visiting London.

If you are planning on going to several main tourist attractions, pretend you are at Disneyland because you are going to be in for some long waits, especially if you go during the peak travel times of the year. You also might want to call some of the places ahead of time and see if they allow reservations so you can avoid the long lines.

How To Properly Plan Your Trip to London
How To Properly Plan Your Trip to London

Make sure that you have lots of change on you at all times because this will come in really handy if you need to use the Underground if you didn’t buy a pass. Cash will also be handy to use for cabs and double-decker buses.

It’s important that you carry your ID with you everywhere you go. This is especially true if you are using credit cards, debit cards, or traveler’s checks instead of cash. Everywhere you go with these items they will ask you for ID or they will not accept them.

Final Note: Just like anywhere else in Europe you need to be aware of gypsies and pickpockets. They are everywhere in London and are especially prevalent on very busy streets, Oxford Street being one of the most notorious for pickpockets.

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