How Many Types Of World Cup In Cricket

In world cricket, there are two different World Cup formats: 50 over and 20 over.

Twenty teams have participated in the competition’s eleven iterations, with the most recent edition in 2019 featuring ten teams. 

The competition has been won five times by Australia, twice by India, once by the West Indies, and once each by Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and England.

Such competitions typically take one of two shapes: a year-long circuit of events or a brief competition on occasion. 

However, many sports have both World Cup and World Championship competitions, which typically feature multiple events throughout the season (usually a single event).

The One Day International (ODI) Cricket World Cup, also referred to as the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is an international competition. 

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Every four years, the International Cricket Council (ICC), the sport’s governing body, hosts the competition, which consists of preliminary qualification stages and a finals tournament. 

The competition is one of the most watched athletic events in the world, according to the ICC, which also refers to it as the “flagship event of the international cricket calendar.”

How Many Types Of World Cup In Cricket

The first ODI cricket match had been played only four years before the inaugural World Cup was held in England in June 1975. 

However, a separate Women’s Cricket World Cup was conducted two years before the first men’s competition, and a tournament with multiple international teams was established as early as 1912 when Australia, England, and South Africa competed in a triangular tournament of Test matches. 

England hosted the first three World Cup events. With fourteen ICC members having hosted at least one match in the event, hosting has been split between nations under an unofficial rotation system since the 1987 tournament.

In the present arrangement, teams must first compete in a qualification process over the course of the previous three years in order to advance to the tournament phase. 

Ten teams, including the host nation, which automatically qualifies, compete for the championship over the course of around a month at locations in the host country. 

The format will be altered for the 2027 edition to enable an increased 14-team final competition. 

The best showing by a team without all of its members was in 2003 when Kenya advanced to the semifinals of the competition.

After winning the World Cup in 2019, England is the current champion. 

The next World Cup will be hosted jointly in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia in 2027 after the 2023 tournament is staged in India.

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