How Many Sessions In Test Cricket?

A test match day consists of 3 different sessions known as the morning, afternoon, and evening sessions divided by a 40-minute lunch and a 20-minute tea break.

The morning and afternoon sessions are usually separated by a 40-minute lunch break and afternoon and evening sessions are separated by a 20-minute tea break.

In cricket, a session is a period during which overs are played continuously until a break is called. Approximately each of these sessions is 30 overs long. However, they are further divided by drinks broken into two or three minor sessions of varying lengths.

The exact timing of these intra-session breaks is the umpiring team’s call.

Test cricket is considered the highest standard of cricket over a longer match period as it lasts typically over 5 days with at least 90 overs in a day. In test cricket, each team gets bats twice. However, the order of different innings remains the same.

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