How has it all started? A short history of cricket

Cricket is now a world-famous sports discipline, but often not even its biggest fans know the whole history of their hobby and passion. Here you can find a brief story of how cricket became the sport we know today and the factors that contributed to its success. When and how was this sports discipline invented, and when did it become a worldwide phenomenon? Keep reading if you want to find out.

The origins of cricket

One thing is sure – the place where cricket was born. Experts in this matter are in accordance with each other. Cricket might have originated in Saxon or maybe Norman times on the territory of south-east England. Some of those experts claim that the real inventors of this sport were playing children. Almost every research conducted by the experts lead back to the times after the Roman conquest, sometimes even before the Norman invasion. In other words, cricket is most probably as old as England, and the 21st-century version of this sport is not that different from its beginning.

At first, the ancestor of modern-day cricket was probably a popular pastime. It was an easy, uncomplicated and well-known activity. One player served up some object, often made of wood or in a round shape, and the other player hit it with a club.

As a popular form of entertainment, the game was common among villagers for centuries until it gained national recognition. Until then, it was a pastime, probably more frequently an entertainment for children than for adults.

The name of the game probably comes from the word of Anglo-Saxon origin – cricc, which meant a shepherd’s staff. Some experts believe that the shepherds were the first players of cricket, or at least those who were playing it most often. Their criccs might have been used as bats, which could explain the modern name of this sports discipline.

The growing popularity

Cricket we know today, or at least its similar version, became popular in the 16th century. Until then, it was a way of entertainment better known among the lower class, and the Tudor era became a turning point for cricket. However, the first reference of the game as an adult sports discipline comes from the year 1611. The 17th century was a time of rapid growth in cricket’s popularity. Local, county teams were being formed across the country, and the game was especially popular in parts of Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Local experts, as they were called back then, became the first professional players. The first known game between two county teams took place in 1709.

The 18th century was the time when cricket became a national sport. It was taught and practiced at numerous schools, and it was even played by female teams. The following years brought formal regulations of the game, written rules and the first clubs were created, such as Star and Garter Club – the foundation of Marylebone Cricket Club, the guardian of the Laws of the game.

Introduction to the world

Cricket is today a worldwide known sport that has its roots in English soil. It was first brought to North America by the colonists in the 17th century. A century later, cricket was widespread in other English colonies, reaching various parts of the world. It became popular in West Indies, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Cricket today

Modern-day cricket is a sports discipline known in different parts of the world and eagerly played everywhere. A simple pastime from England of the Middle Ages that only centuries later became a national sport, which conquered the world in the shortest period than it took England to appreciate it. Now, cricket is played on the international level, there are numerous teams that the fans can support. Its popularity leads to the possibility to cheer and bet on  cricket teams all around the world in the best cricket betting sites, even in North African countries. On sites like Arabianbetting, everyone can bet on their favorite team by choosing one of the recommended platforms and getting familiar with the basic rules included on the site. Cricket is no less popular than other sports disciplines, and these days it’s more visible than ever.

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