Free Hit On No Ball Worst Ever Rule In Cricket; Huge Window For Corruption: Rashid Latif

Former Pakistani cricketer, Rashid Latif recently shared his views on the ‘Free Hit ok No Ball’ rule of cricket. According to Rashid, giving a free hit after a no-ball is the worst rule in cricket.

Rashid Latif took Twitter to criticize the free hit rule of cricket where he wrote that free hit on no ball is the worst rule in the game and it also affects the team a lot. He even tagged the anti-corruption officer of the International Cricket Council Steve Richardson.


The free hit rule in cricket was first originated in the year 2007. As per the ICC’s rules, if a bowler steps out of the crease line while bowling or he bowls above the waistline of the player, it is called no-ball.


If the umpire gives any delivery a no-ball, then the next delivery shall be a free hit which means a player can freely hit the ball and he won’t be considered out in that ball whether he gets bowled out or a catch out, but he could get run out though.

Also, the free hit delivery should be a proper one, if there is a wide ball or another no-ball, then the next delivery will again be a free hit.

Also, in the free hit delivery, neither the fielding positions can change nor the players on the field position can exchange the positions. When Rashid was playing cricket, the rule was there but he never came up against it. Though after he has been retired from cricket he has spoken up about it.

Do you think the free hit on no ball should no be there?

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