Former Captain Of Bangladesh Mashrafe Mortaza Has Tested Positive For Covid-19

According to the latest update, the former caption of Bangladesh Cricket team Mashrafe Mortaza has tested positive for the dreaded coronavirus. The 36 years old, young-blooded Mashrafe was reportedly unwell for the last couple of days, and on Saturday, he tested positive. 

It’s not only him but the other two crickets of Bangladesh Nazmul Islam and Nafees Iqbal also tested positive last week. Mashrafe has self-isolated himself at his own residence. He refused to stay at any isolation center but at his own home.

Being the most potential caption he was also considered the second high-profile cricket who got infected by the contagious disease. 

On Saturday evening, the great former captain who has played 36 tests along with 220 ODIs and 54 T2OIs for Bangaladesh posted about his condition stated “Today my Covid-19 results came as positive. Everyone, please pray for my quick recovery” on his Facebook handle

There we have come to know about his Cocid-19 test result and his fans started blooming quick recovery of him. 

Mortaza further added “The number of infected has now crossed one lakh. We all have to become more careful. Let’s all stay at home, and not get out unless it is necessary. I am abiding by the protocol at home. Rather than panic, we need to raise awareness about the corona.” 

Mortaza being a member of parliament, was pretty much active with his benevolent activities amid the pandemic. He kept lending his helping hand to the people of his hometown and he also donated his Bangladesh cricket salary to support 300 needy families with essential and food items in Narail which is his birthplace now his fans are tremendously shocked by the news. 

After when he let people know about his condition, his brother told Cricbuzz “My brother has had a fever for two days. He did the test last night. Today came the test positive. He is at home in isolation.” The crickets who are being affected by this are informing it themselves in order to spread more awareness.

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