Top 5 Fastest Stumping In Cricket

Stumping is all about flicking and missing. It is an exceptional instance when a batsman is declared out when he is not even out to score a run. It is a case similar to run out where the wicket-keeper stumps the ball when the batsman has moved out of his position not to score a run but to hit the ball.

However, here is a catch the ball should be a no-ball. But for this, the wicket-keeper should have good observation paired with good reflexes. Though it is not something everyone can do we have several wicket-keepers who have not only done it but also did it in a few seconds.

One of the best wicket-keepers to do this is our very own GOAT, muddled, our Captain Cool MS Dhoni got this title from Veteran Pakistani all-rounder Shoaib Malik.

After gaining titles like GOAT and legend, Dhoni also won the title of best wicket-keeper by making a record for fastest stumping in the world. Let’s trigger our brains by getting acquainted with the fastest stumping record holders in the world.


  • As MS Dhoni celebrates his 40th birthday, a look at the records of one of the best wicket-keepers in international cricket
  • MS Dhoni holds the record for most stumpings (195) in international cricket
  • He is also the record holder for the fastest stumping (0.08 sec) in international cricket

Fastest Stumping In The World

If a person is the fastest wicket-keeper in the world then only he can hold a record for fastest stumping in the world because to be the fastest stumper, one needs to be the fastest wicket-keeper. We shall now move to the list of fastest stumping record holders

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

ms dhoni

Our list is topped by our favorite Dhoni. You might recollect the fourth ODI played in 2018 in Mumbai where the former skipper replaced Rohit Sharma and led the team for the last time in his career.

This match was against the Windies where Dhoni effected a stumping to dismiss West Indies player Keemo Paul in only 0.08 seconds. Yes, it’s right Dhoni took only 0.08 seconds to stump out West Indies player Keemo who was a debutant back then.

Setting a world record for fastest stumping Dhoni forced us to skip a beat. He has taken a total of 123 stumping in 350 matches.

Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara

Followed by MS Dhoni, Kumar stands second on our list. Having a dismissal rate of 1.3565 per innings in the ODI format, he has made 99 stumping in his ODI career.

Traveling back to 2003 we can recall an instance of a glaring array of agility and alertness when Kumar gathered all his strength to catch a ball single-handed and threw down the stumps in a blink.

Romesh Kaluwitharana

Romesh Kaluwitharana

Former Sri Lankan cricketer, known for his aggressive batting style was a key member and wicket keeper of the winning team of the 1996 Cricket World Cup. Romesh in a short span of 14 years made his place in everyone’s heart by just being highly active behind the stumps.

Albeit he played a total of 189 matches he has 75 stumpings and 131 catches in his kitty. He deserves to be on this list because of 206 dismissals to his name in his ODI career.

Moin Khan

Fastest Stumping In Cricket

Pakistani cricket coach and former cricketer Moin were able to make his identity as one of the fastest stumpers in a stretch of just 14years with 73 dismissals in his pocket at a rate of 1.373 per innings.

With total catches of 214 and 287 overall dismissals, Moin can get himself in the bracket of top stumpers.

Adam Gilchrist

Fastest Stumping In Cricket

Former International cricketer turned into Australian cricket commentator redefined the role of Australia’s national team with his aggressive batting. He had the world record of most dismissals in ODI by a wicket-keeper until Kumar Sangakkara surpassed it in 2015.

With his strike rate amongst the highest in history, he has been an inspiration for an entire generation of wicketkeeper batsmen. He was the first player to hit 100 sixes in the test match. With a record of 55 stumpings, he stands 5th in our list of best stumpers. Holding a record for highest dismissals per innings he takes his overall dismissal tally to 472.

That’s all for this article, hope all your questions were answered. Do comment down and let me know if you want any further details. Meet you in the next article.


Who has the World’s Fastest Stumping Record in Cricket?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, popularly known as MS Dhoni holds the world record for fastest stumping in cricket.

Who are some of the Fastest Wicket Keepers in The World?

Some of the fastest wicket keepers in the world is;-

  • MS Dhoni
  • Ben Cox
  • Ponting
  • Kumar Sangakkara
  • Dinesh Karthik

Which is the fastest stumping?

Stumping by Dhoni to stump out West Indies batsman Keemo Paul in 0.08 seconds is the fastest stumping.

Who is the God of stumping in cricket?

Dhoni is regarded as the God of stumping for his unbeatable stumping record of 0.08 second

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