Fastest Centuries In T20 International

In cricket, the T20 format is considered to be the most exciting as there are very few overs and players have to score high in less time. Fastest Centuries In T20 International Players cannot afford to lose balls as the innings can get over before they can know. The short format has made it more exciting.

Over the years, the short format has completely changed the playing styles of players. The speed and efficiency of the players have increased a lot.

In the parent format which is the test cricket, the innings can go for days which gives players plenty of time to score resulting in which they used to play slow with scoring the least runs every over.

However, they have to hit the maximum runs possible in T20 which has improved the players a lot. We have listed the top 10 fastest centuries in cricket.

Top 10 Fastest Centuries In T20 International

Fastest Centuries In T20 International
Top 10 Fastest Centuries In T20 International

10. Faf Du Plessis – The South African star is one of the greatest players that the country has ever produced. He has shown a lot of huge performances in the past.

In January 2015, in a T20 match against West Indies, The South African team got shattered as the players were getting out quickly. However, Du Plessis came to the rescue with his outstanding century.

He hit 20 runs in West Indies spinner Sulieman Benn’s over. He scored 117 runs in the match in 46 balls which helped the team reach a score of 231. He was the second player in the world to hit a T20 century at that time.

9. Richard Levi – Another South African player, Richard Levi was one of the highly-rated players in T20 cricket. In February 2012, in a T20 match against New Zealand, he scored a century in just 45 deliveries.

It was the second T20 century of his career and he finished it in very little time. His century helped South Africa chase the New Zealand score of 173 runs. In Doug Bracewell’s over, he hit 34 runs with five sixes.

They won the match in just 16 overs. He hit 117 runs in the match with 13 sixes and 18 boundaries which was a World Record then.

8. Jean Pierre Kotze – Jean Pierre Kotze plays for Namibia in international cricket. He is a wicketkeeper-batsman and hit an outstanding century in his debut T20 match.

In a T20 match against Botswana in August 2019, he scored a century in just 43 deliveries. He came to bat on the 11th over and showed everyone that he isn’t a rookie.

He hit 7 boundaries and 9 sixes which made the total score of Namibia to 240. His century made a total of 240 runs for Namibia. They won the match by whopping 124 runs.

7. Hazratullah Zazai – Zazai is a young player from Afghanistan. He’s been showing brilliant batting performances since his debut.

In Afghanistan’s match against Ireland, Zazai came as opener batsman and made a first wicket partnership of 236 runs with Usman Ghani.

Zazai hit 162 runs in 62 balls. He made the century in just 42 deliveries which makes it one of the fastest 100 in T20.

6. Shaheryar Butt – Butt is a dynamic player from the Belgium cricket team. He is one of the key players on his team and has played a very important role in the growth of the cricketing standard.

He is the captain of the Belgium team and has shown some big performances in his career. In a match against the Czech Republic last year, he scored a century in just 100 runs.

His performance in the match completely showed his captaincy and batting skills. He hit 125 runs in 50 balls with 9 sixes and 11 fours.

His century helped the team reach a score of 198 runs. It was an easy win for Belgium. Butt hit the century in just 41 deliveries.

5. Hg Munsey – Munsey has improved a lot in recent years. He is one of the top-order batsmen from Scotland. He showed his best T20 performance in 2019 against the Netherlands.

It was a tri-nation tournament played in Dublin. In the match, he opened and hit 127 runs with 14 sixes and five boundaries. He hit the century in 41 balls which made the total target of Scotland to 252 runs.

4. S Periyalwar – Periyalwar is a Romanian cricketer and a top performer on the team. He is a powerful batsman with the ability to hit maximums.

In a T20 match between Romania and Turkey in 2019,  he made a century in just 39 balls.

3. Sudesh Wickramasekara – Sudesh Wickramasekara is a player from the Czech Republic who came to light after his fabulous performance in a T20 match against Turkey.

He hit a century in just 25 deliveries. He hit 8 sixes and 11 boundaries and was the first cricketer from the Czech Republic team to hit a century in an international match.

2. Da Miller – Another South African star,  David Miller is one of the best players in T20 cricket. The South African stalwart showed his best performance in T20 in 2017 against Bangladesh.

He has shown outstanding performance in IPL too. In the T20 match against Bangladesh, Miller hit a century in just 35 balls.

He came on the fifth wicket and scored 101 runs in the match. He hit the 50 runs in 23 balls and the next 50 runs in another 12 deliveries.

1. Rohit Sharma – The Indian ‘Hitman’ holds the first position in the fastest T20 centuries. Rohit Sharma’s fastest T20 century was made in just 35 deliveries.

In a match against Sri Lanka, he was the captain of the Indian team and hit a century in 35 balls with 12 sixes and 10 boundaries. Sharma holds the record of most T20 international centuries in the world.

He has hit four T20 centuries for India. He also holds the record for one of the fastest centuries in test by an Indian.

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