Explained: Does the suspension of South Africa’s cricket board mean no SA players in the IPL?

IPL is already on the track and there are new encloser has been released for Cricket of South Africa. According to the reports Cricket South Africa has been in some controversy over the last 5 years.

Due to which SASCOC suspended the board for a month. At the time of the Pandemic situation, many sports have been incurred a lot of losses and this step will incur a huge loss for the South African Cricket team. 

But according to the latest reports, it should not impact if the players participate in the Indian Premier League. It is very unlikely if BCCI stands against it.

What is the reason that Cricket South Africa has been suspended:

Acting Chief Executive Ravi Govender of SASCOC commented that there was a lot of corruption and scandal that took place on the board. By Suspending they can remove the negativity and the governance issues. It will help them to work more effectively in the future. 

He further added that as Chris Nenzani became the Board President there were four CEOs in the CSA board in the last 3 years. There was an irregularity in administration and financial losses. The board failed to launch any ambitions. That’s why SASCOC decided to suspend it on time before any further damage. 

What will happen to the cricket team now:

In the case of South Africa ICC is yet to take any stand. But a suspended country cannot play any international match according to ICC rules. Last year ICC suspended Zimbabwe’s team and sopped them from playing any international matches. 

As far as if we consider IPL, it is a BCCI regulated tournament. IPL is a domestic tournament and ICC has nothing to do against it. If BCCI is fine to go with it South African players can participate in the game without any harm. 

Many good players are in the South Africa cricket team who played well in IPL. Everyone other country players that they can play in IPL.

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