Dhoni Reveals The Real Reason Why Jadeja Stepped Down From CSK Captaincy

After resuming command, Mahendra Singh Dhoni won the first match. Chennai Super Kings defeated Sunrisers Hyderabad by a score of 13 runs. The team appears to have changed as soon as Dhoni returns. The batsmen batted ferociously and the bowlers performed admirably. Dhoni himself stated at the end of the game that the Chennai team’s mantra had changed.

Two days before the start of the IPL, Mahendra Singh Dhoni resigned as captain. But, in the middle of the season, he was forced to take over as manager of the Chennai Super Kings once more. CSK announced that Jadeja has resigned as captain to focus on his game. What exactly happened at this point in time? Why did Dhoni agree to accept responsibility once more? It was Mahi who said it at the end of the game.

Dhoni, who triumphed over Sunrisers Hyderabad said during yesterday’s match: “Earlier this season, I informed him that I would not be captain. Jadeja realized he had to accept responsibility. So he had time to mentally prepare himself. There was no hasty decision.”

Despite the fact that Jadeja is the captain, Dhoni was seen making numerous decisions throughout the game. Many people objected to this. Mahi also said something about it. “For the first time, Jadeja was captain,” he explained. “As a result, I advised him in the first few matches. But after that, I told him he had to take full responsibility. Never mind that one will toss the coin and the other will captain. Captaincy cannot be spoon-fed. For the time being, it is possible to assist. After that, you must accept responsibility.”

In the first eight matches, Jadeja was not particularly successful. There were only two victories. Is this why Dhoni took on the responsibility once more? In response, Chennai’s captain stated, “Jadeja’s performance was deteriorating. The captaincy was constantly racing through his mind. His presence was felt throughout the game. Jadeja CSK captain Jadeja requires batsmen, bowlers, and fielders. As a result, I assumed responsibility once more. Because in all three cases, if Jadeja gives his all, it will be extremely beneficial to us.”

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