Delhi Capitals to donate 1.5 crores in India’s fight against COVID 19

After Rajasthan Royals donated 7.5 crores, another franchise of the Indian Premier League tournament has decided to donate a hefty amount in India’s fight against COVID 19 virus. DC – Delhi Capitals is the second IPL franchise that has pledged to give 1.5 crores to India to fight against COVID 19.

The amount will help to buy the oxygen cylinders’ concentrators and the other medical need required to fight against the COVID 19 virus. Delhi Capitals raise this money with a partnership with their patrons, JSW Foundation and GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, based in National Capital Region in Delhi.

Delhi Capitals franchise stand with the citizens of India in this crisis. The selfless people who have done wonderful efforts to help each other have inspired them, and so they are honored to offer an extended hand of help and support through these 1.5 crores in the fight against the deadly COVID 19 virus.

The 1.5 crores rupees will be spent through a non-government organization like JSW Foundation, which is proud of Hemkunt Foundation for this valuable work which they have done in this tangy situation. The financial aid provided will go in the help of Delhi to fight against this devastating virus.

The Hemkunj Foundation has thanked the Delhi Capitals franchise for this wonderful gesture. Uday Foundation has said that the DC team has won many million hearts by providing oxygen-concentrated cylinders to the needy people of India.

New Delhi, the national capital city of India, has been the worst affected city because of the second wave of the Corona Virus. There have been daily three hundred deaths of people, and over 20,000 of them have affected.

Many hospitals in Delhi have failed to meet the demands of oxygen cylinders, ventilators, and other medical needs to fight against this virus.      

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