Cricket’s popularity has broken through into global entertainment

India began their cricketing life in humble beginnings when the sport first arrived in the country courtesy of the British Empire in 1721. It took two centuries for India to become recognized as a nation that could play Test match cricket, joining the select group of teams in 1932. India endured a two-decade wait for their first Test match win by defeating England in Madras. Their development since then has seen the nation become one of the three powerhouses of the sport.

India has become the central hub of elite cricket due to the outstanding performances of their Test side and the presence of the Indian Premier League, the most popular T20 league in the world. They will have the opportunity to enhance their reputation as the outright host of the 2023 Cricket World Cup. India have shared hosting duties with Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in previous World Cups.

In 2011, they won the competition for only the second time and enjoyed the privilege of lifting the trophy in front of their own fans after defeating Sri Lanka in Mumbai. Despite boasting great talent in their ranks such as Virat Kohli and Jasprit Bumrah among many others, India have not won the World Cup since, suffering successive defeats in the World Cup at the semi-final stage.

The eyes of India will be on Kohli and co. to improve their record in the competition and capitalize on home advantage, emulating England and Australia’s success in the last two tournaments. Over 1 billion watched India’s triumph in 2011, and it highlights the popularity of cricket in the country and around the world.

Major tournaments capture the imagination of the public and the demand for access to the game has increased in all corners. As a result, not only have the International Cricket Council increased the number of games and tournaments, which are broadcast in all corners of the globe. Developers have also been hard at work on creating outstanding games to satisfy the needs of fans.

Cricket games are on the rise and a title to consider is Cricket 22 from Big Ant Studios, who have produced a number of cricket games based on the Ashes and the Cricket World Cup among other leading tournaments. The latest version has offered significant upgrades as noted by, including a new commentary team and improved graphics. It will certainly go a long way to meeting the demand for cricket-themed games, although there are also titles that don’t require a console.

Cricket’s popularity has spread to the online casino sector with titles such as Cricket Star and Cricket Star Scratch available on top sites like The demand for cricket games in the casino sector is in line with sport generally and this is only likely to continue growing due to the amounts of competitions that will occur over the next few years, including the 2023 World Cup in India.

Fortunately for fans, everywhere they turn in the entertainment industry, there are ample avenues to fill their cricketing needs. In the build-up to the next World Cup, there’s likely to be plenty of titles for fans to get immersed in ahead of the tournament, so it’s certainly an exciting time for anyone associated with the sport.

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