Best Cricket Games For Laptop In 2022

The best cricket games for PC like Ashes Cricket 2017, Cricket Captain 2021, and Cricket Revolution ought to let you do both, whether you want to bowl a ball at 150 kph or smack one out of the park for a thunderous six. 

The greatest cricket video games for the PC simulate the excitement of seeing your favorite batter achieve a century live on your own field. 

It’s an impossible-to-replicate sensation that is unparalleled. Furthermore, it is challenging to simulate in a game the rigors of a fast-paced T20 match or the slow-paced strategic work necessary in test cricket. 

For PC gamers, there are a few cricket games, though, that do a fantastic job of simulating these emotions.

Some of the top cricket video games, both new and old, are included in this list.

Ashes Cricket 2017

Cricket Game for Laptop

As a tribute to the Ashes Cricket Series between England and Australia in 2017–18, this game was created in 2017. 

You can participate in the licensed English and Australian men’s or women’s cricket teams. 

You can create, change, or tweak them whatever you want if you want to play against teams from other nations.

The outstanding graphics in Ashes Cricket give all of its players a realistic game experience. 

The players have access to a wide variety of game modes. The choice is yours, so take the ball in your hands like James Anderson or start the inning like David Warner!

Cricket Captain 2021

Cricket Game for Laptop

Because of its extensive player database, this game distinguishes itself from the other cricket video games on this list. 

The game has every legend in cricketing history. The management of the teams is another key component of this game. 

So make sure to plan the best course of action to defeat your opponents. You have the option of playing as a solo player if teamwork is not your strong suit.

Cricket Revolution

Cricket Game for Laptop

The fact that this game supports both single-player and multiplayer modes is its strongest feature. Consequently, you can play this game with your pals either locally or online (LAN).

If you enjoy bowling, you should look at the game’s bowling mechanics because there are numerous options available for each ball. 

The game’s interface is user-friendly, and keeping track of your scores is a breeze.

International Test Cricket

This is the game to pick if you’re searching for one that emphasizes team management in particular. 

If you want to do well in international test cricket, you must make sure that your brain cells are functioning. Start by assembling a squad that is unbreakable, then confidently take on your adversaries. 

Additionally, you can monitor the game’s scores and modify your strategy as necessary. Please don’t delay in making judgments because doing so could alter the outcome of the game.

Cricket 19

Cricket Game for Laptop

Cricket 19 is without a doubt the best cricket video game on the PC. Big Ant Studios, which has created numerous sports video games since its founding, created the game. 

Cricket 19 is a fantastic cricket game that shows they have taken the fans’ suggestions and opinions to heart.

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You can create your own cricket team and personalize the uniforms, team logos, and player roster to your tastes. 

Additionally, there is a player career mode that will let you progress from playing county cricket in the background to representing your country in World Cup competitions. 

There is so much to accomplish here that you’ll spend hours getting lost in the game’s mechanics.

EA Cricket 2004

Cricket Game for Laptop

Yup. 2004. We’re just going back that far to discuss one of the best cricket video games available right now. 

Of course, the visuals and a few gameplay elements are outdated. The primary gameplay, particularly the batting mechanics, feels excellent. 

Additionally, the mechanics of bowling are pretty difficult, and you never know when you’ll be able to throw an effective in-swinger.

It goes without saying that the game has improved in a number of areas over time. But if you want to give it a shot, you won’t be let down. 

Return to the cricket game that first sparked the cricket game revolution by taking a walk down memory lane.

Cricket 22

The newest cricket video game for the PC is now available on the market. This is a follow-up to the popular Cricket 19 entry and fixes the problems with its forerunner. 

This is not to suggest that the game is perfect; it has some problems. Cricket 22 is still a fantastic choice if you want a contemporary cricket game on your PC, despite everything.

Cricket 22

There are many customization choices in the game, particularly when it comes to developing a player’s career. 

Instead of merely adding a name and some cosmetic customizations, the developers gave the career mode a tonne of depth. 

The user has complete control over how they play, how powerful they are, and how far they can push themselves. 

In addition, there are additional game modes, such as the IPL. This is a respectable PC cricket game overall.

EA Cricket 07

Cricket Game for Laptop

Without including the legendary Cricket 07 from EA, we can’t compile a list of the top cricket games for PC. 

This game is epic in the greatest sense of the word, from the legendary commentary of Mark Nicholas and Richie Benaud to the ridiculous names that EA had given to Indian players.

It offers a wide variety of game options, and the gameplay is simple. Sure, with the exception of Australia, England, and New Zealand, EA had lost the rights for the majority of teams. 

The gameplay was still enjoyable and captivating, though. You can still find players returning to this game out of nostalgia.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best free cricket game for PC?

We bring to you the top 5 cricket games for Android, ranging from those that provide you the best graphics to those that put a strong emphasis on gameplay.

  • Real Cricket 20
  • World Cricket Championship 2 (WCC2)
  • Big Bash Cricket
  • World of Cricket: World Cup 2019
  • Stick Cricket Premier League

2. How can I install cricket 2007 on my laptop?

Before continuing, we want to let you know that the game is not accessible on the official website. However, you may still use third-party websites to download EA Sports Cricket 07 for PC and laptop by following below mentioned steps:-

  • The game setup files must first be downloaded.
  • Once the download is finished, use any extractor program to unzip the RAR file.
  • Use any unzip program to extract the file.
  • A folder called EA Sports Cricket 2007 will be created after extracting the setup file.
  • Double-click on the game after opening the extracted folder.
  • When you have extracted the game, open the “Crack” folder, copy the files inside, and replace it.
  • You can now play the game by double clicking on the “Cricket07” icon.

3. Can Cricket 19 be played on a laptop?

Cricket 19 can be played on computers running Windows 7 (x64) or later.

4. Is cricket 07 still available?

A 2006 cricket simulation video game called Cricket 07 was created by EA Canada and HB Studios and released by EA Sports. Both PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows support it.

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