Cricket Bet Types Explained

Cricket is one of England’s favorite sports, and one of the most popular sports worldwide. With over 2 billion fans, it is only surpassed in popularity by football and basketball. Unsurprisingly, with so many followers around the globe, cricket has managed to garner quite a bit of a following at most betting sites.

Online sportsbooks have greatly contributed to the popularity of sports in general. They offer odds for cricket betting, as well as most other sports you can think to bet on. On top of that, they have a few different options for wagering. That is why, in this article, we’d like to explain the most popular cricket bet types at online sportsbooks.

Match Winner

The match winner bet is a pretty simple one to explain. The bookies offer odds on which of the two teams is going to win the match. To do this, odds makers analyze the data garnered from previous games, and use it to set up odds on the two teams. If the difference in odds is to great, bookies might spice up the wagers using point spreads as well.

Top Batsman

The batsman is probably cricket’s most notable position. Some may compare it to the batter in baseball, and indeed, there are quite a few similarities. At the end of any cricket game, one of the batsmen is named as the top batsman of the match, usually based on how many balls they’ve managed to swat. Often, odds makers will create prop bets for betting on who the top batsman of the match will be.

Top Bowler

The bowler is the other notable cricket position, which one might compare to a pitcher in baseball. The bowler’s job is to propel the ball towards the wicket, without allowing the batsman to hit it. Much like with batsman, at the end of each cricket game, a top bowler is chosen based on the amount of wickets they scored. So, odds makers also create odds on which of the bowlers will score the most wickets.

Total Runs

When a batsman swats away enough bowls, they get a run. The number of total runs during a game can be a fun thing to predict. Which is why plenty of sportsbooks offer odds on how many runs will be scored in total during the game. A lot of bookies may also create odds for the amount of runs scored by a single team, or even just one player.

Total Wickets

When a bowler successfully delivers the ball to the wicket, it is called scoring a wicket. Odds makers create odds on the total amount of wickets scored by both teams during the game. Just like with runs, some bookies may also offer odds for wickets scored by a single team or player during the match. There may even be live betting options, wagering on whether a player will get a wicket.

Toss Winner

At the start of each game of cricket, the referee tosses a coin in order to determine which team will bowl first, and which one will bat first. A lot of bookies offer odds on which of the two teams will win the coin toss. This is truly a gamble, as the wager is entirely based on luck.