Clare Connor – The First Female Cricketer to become the president of MCC in its history of 233-years.

Clare Conner, 43-year-old, former England Women’s captain (from 2000 to 2006) and head of women’s cricket for England and Wales Cricket Board will assume the chair for the presidency of MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) from Oct 1st, 2021 after the final round of approvals of MCC members.

She has been nominated by Sri Lankan former Cricket Captain Kumar Sangakkara (the first non-British MCC president) during an Annual General Meeting on Wednesday. Normally the presidency lasts for a year, however, due to current pandemic situations, Kumar Sangakkara will stay a little longer on the board which is extended by 12 months.

“I am thrilled that Clare has accepted the invitation to become the next President of MCC. The club has a significant role to play in cricket’s global appeal and with her influence, I am sure she will make a considerable contribution to MCC,” said Sangakkara.

Lord’s Cricket Ground owner’s MCC, did not allow any women to become a part of the membership until 1998. Before this year, only a very few ladies like Queen Elizabeth II was allowed in the pavilion. At around the same time, Conner visited the Lord’s for the very first time with twinkling eyes and dreams to become a part of this majestic world at a mere age of 9. (she was not allowed in a pavilion too) 

But the times have changed and now Conner (also the chair of International Cricket Council’s Women’s cricket committee) is entrusted with more opportunities to serve MCC (the most influential club of cricket in current times) to make it even bigger and brighter.

“I am deeply honored to be named the next President of MCC. Cricket has enriched my life so deeply already, and now it hands me this wonderful privilege,” said Clare.

Conner is a left-arm spinner who debuted at the young age of 19 in England in 1995 and just in a short period of time in 2000, she has been awarded her first big post as a Captain of the team.

Although MMC is not only looking over English cricket but responsibly managing the sport worldwide. They are also involved in community services in the UK and in many overseas countries.

Cricket as a sport brings people together from different walks of life and holds a huge power which will help us sail our ships amidst the difficult times like this crisis of Covid-19. We will need more sporting organizations like MCC from across the world to create a great future for the generations to come.

The English all-rounder Conner, has captained England’s women’s team to win their first Ashes in 42 years in 2005, played in 16 test matches, 93 one day international and 2 T-20 internationals, and begged 1604 runs in a very short period of time. She is already serving on many renowned positions and also been made an Honorary Life Member of MCC in 2009.

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