Broadcast deal at risk as Seven Network takes Cricket Australia to federal court!!

Every television network owned by Seven West Media Limited. Broadcast deal which is at stake as Seven Network takes Cricket Australia to federal Court! 

Let’s blow off the hazy look !

In a one-day span, both teams put the $450m deal at risk and on Monday evening broadcaster lodged an application to check out all the emails between CA, BCCI, Foxtel and State Governments, as broadcaster believes CA was indebted to the BCCI.

Broadcaster had strong gut feeling, that some off side planning is these between BCCI and State governments.

Let’s have a look to the contract!

Seven West Media formed an extraordinary affidavit for the Federal Court which is of 25 pages and contains numbers of emails and text messages.

The managing director of Seven named Lewis Martin also add some explosive suggestions, that CA may have controlled by a commercial agreement with Tasmania Government in which they play eight of first 12 BBL matches of this summer against the wishes of media company! 

Continuing the topic..

Actually, the whole confusion is generated because of the COVID-19 which disrupted the original summer schedule and because of this pandemic all the T20 and ODI matches were delayed.

After the pandemic also, CA arranged for Seven that it will continue to deliver a summer high quality cricket, but Seven disagreed and wants to do some changes in the contract.

Cricket Australia’s interim CEO named Nick Hockley, also shows his emotion when an unfavourable statement issue on Tuesday afternoon.

At last CA has ensured that the much-anticipated series with India can go ahead safely and audience will definitely watch out each and every match only on Seven.

Let’s take a look on matches which will catch a large amount of viewers!

Saturday’s night WBBL final match between Sydney Thunder and Melbourne Stars which is the third most anticipated match who pulls the attraction of 429,000 viewers. 

Another is Sunday’s ODI in which Australia clashes with India and this is the most-anticipated match in the Foxtel’s history which holds the attention of 585,000 viewers.

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