Brian Lara Net Worth, Salary, Income, Interesting Facts & Endorsements

Brian Lara Net Worth

It is estimated that Brian Lara, one of the best batsmen in the history of the game, has a net worth of around $60 million (i.e 477 crore in Indian rupees approx). The list of the ten richest players in cricket also includes Brian Lara, who is now ranked as the fifth-richest cricket player in the world.

In addition to the job he does as a spokesperson for the Chittagong Kings, Brian has done a variety of additional endorsement work for various commercial enterprises.

Brian Lara’s Net Worth

Awarded to Brian in 1994, the title of BBC Sports Personality of the Year Outside of the United Kingdom was bestowed upon him (overseas).

On the other side, Lara owns a record of seven hundred in first-class games across eight innings. In addition to this, the cricket player is the current holder of the world record for the most runs scored in a single match, which is not something that anyone would have predicted.

Despite the fact that Brian’s reputation has been harmed as a result of the scandals that have dogged him throughout his successful career, these scandals have been handled diplomatically.

On the cricket field, Darren Lara’s rise to popularity can be attributed to a combination of his unpredictable ability and his unflinching dedication to his sport. He is currently the fifth-richest cricketer in the world because of the fortune of sixty million dollars that he has accumulated.

In a similar vein, Brian is currently working as a member of the Dugout Panel for IPL, a position for which he is paid a yearly salary of 600,000 dollars.

In addition, Lara makes the majority of her money from playing cricket. Not only that, but he also makes money from several brands that sponsor him.

A laid-back individual who prefers to dress casually when attending formal occasions; nonetheless, he will wear a tuxedo to award ceremonies and other events when he wants to appear his absolute best.

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Even though he has spent the last few decades primarily residing in the United States and Australia, he continues to be the proud owner of a massive estate and frequently refers to it as his “second home.”

Net Worth in 2022$60 Million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees₹4,768,562,400.00 (INR

Brian Lara Salary 

Brian Lara Net Worth

It is generally agreed upon that he was one of the best batsmen in the history of cricket and that he played for Trinidad and Tobago on the international stage.

Brian Lara now owns the record for both the highest individual test innings score as well as the record for the most runs scored in a single test over. In 2004, Lara scored 400 not out against England in Antigua, and as a result, he became the current holder of both records.

One of the wealthiest cricket players in the world, Brian is also known as “The Prince of Port of Spain” or simply “The Prince.”

He holds the title of “The Prince” Brian Lara has an impressively successful life, as evidenced by the fact that Brian Lara’s net worth is $60 million and numerous sources of income, including sponsorships and agreements.

On the cricket field, Lara’s unpredictability as a player and his unwavering commitment have helped him ascend to the top of the rankings. The Indian Premier League is currently paying Brian a yearly compensation of 600,000 rupees to work as a commentator for the Dugout Panel.

In exchange for his services, the IPL provides Brian with this payment as his salary. The majority of Lara’s income comes from his career as a cricket player. In addition to that, he receives financial support from a number of different companies through sponsorship deals.

Yearly IncomeUnder review
IPL Salary In Rupees$600,000 

Brian Lara  Endorsement

Lara is a well-known public figure, thus he receives a lot of requests to endorse various items. Because of the size of his fan base and the boost to their brand’s opportunity and economic share that would result from having him endorse their product, almost any corporation would jump at the chance to work with him.

Because of his prominence as a cricketer, a number of well-known companies have inked sponsorship deals with him with the expectation that they will increase their market and brand value as a result of his name recognition.

Brian has formed business alliances with a number of the most famous and well-known businesses in Bangladesh, such as the Chittagong Kings and the Bangladesh Premier League, in order to make sure that his supporters are satisfied (BPL).

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His signature on the cover of the magazine fetched a price of $200 for each copy, and he has also appeared on the covers of a wide variety of other publications, such as Cricinfo and Wisden Cricket Monthly, amongst others.

In addition to being a fantastic cricket player, Brian Lara is also an outstanding member of society. Through her participation in cricket, Lara accomplishes a lot of good and brings in a lot of money for charity.

Brand Endorsement FeeUnder Review

Interesting Facts About Brian Lara 

Brian Lara Net Worth

1. One of the most incredible batters of all time is Brian Charles Lara, OCC, AM (born May 2, 1969), a Trinidadian ex-international cricketer. In January 2012, Lara was inducted into the International Cricket Council Hall of Fame.

2. Brian has a sizable brood. At the age of six, his father Bunty and an older sister, Agnes Cyrus, enrolled him in Sunday coaching sessions at the nearby Harvard Coaching Clinic. This gave Lara early exposure to proper hitting mechanics. 

3. When Lara was in elementary school, he attended St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Philadelphia. After that, he attended San Juan Secondary School in Lower Santa Cruz, which is situated on Moreau Road. 

4. Harry Ramdass, the cricket coach at Fatima College, helped him grow as a promising young player a year later when he was fourteen years old. With an average of 126.16 per innings, he was selected for the Trinidad national under-16 squad when he was only 14 years old. 

His father passed away in 1989 due to complications from a heart attack. His mother lost her battle with cancer in the year 2002.

5. During his trip to Trinidad and Tobago in 2009, President Obama referred to Lara as the “Michael Jordan of cricket.” 

6. Lara’s children were both delivered by Leasel Rovedas, a journalist and model from Trinidad and Tobago. Lara once dated a former lingerie model from the United Kingdom named Lynnsey Ward. Lynnsey Ward is now a fitness model in the United States.

7. His most beloved possession is a BMW 2 Series Convertible, which has a price tag of $52,950. In addition, Lara has a Mercedes-Benz that has worth $70,300.

8. In addition, Brian has taken part in charity matches for the people who lost their homes in the recent flooding in Uttarakhand. Even though he is a Christian, the fact that he plays matches for the benefit of Hindu communities does not worry him. The celebrity also made $44 million from a charity competition that was held to raise money for a cricket facility.

The year 1995 saw the publication of Brian’s autobiography, titled “Beating the Field: My Own Story.” In addition, his book details all of the obstacles and challenges that he had to conquer in order to reach success.

Real NameBrian Charles Lara
ProfessionCricketer Left-handed
Age53 years old
Birth DateMay 2, 1969

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is his net worth?

An ex-West Indian international cricketer with a fortune of $60 million, Brian Lara is a household name.

2. What is Brian Lara’s source of income?

“The Prince of Port of Spain,” or simply “The Prince,” is Brian’s nickname. He is one of the world’s wealthiest cricketers, currently ranked fifth, and has amassed a fortune of $60 million, which includes money earned not only from cricket but also from deals, endorsements, and other business ventures.

3. Where was he born?

Santa Cruz, Trinidad, and Tobago are where he was born.

4. What nationality is Brian Lara?

He is of Trinidadian descent.

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