Brett Lee Vs Sachin Tendulkar – Legends Will Test Again [RSWS 2022]

Brett Lee Vs Sachin Tendulkar

In the upcoming Road Safety World Series, we can watch Brett Lee VS, Sachin Tendulkar, in action.

In cricket history, one of the most discussed rivalries is between Sachin Tendulkar and Brett Lee, which can be watched again as there is a big possibility that in the upcoming Road Safety World Series, India Legends may face Australia Legends in the Semi-Finals.

Yes, in the semi-finals because the authorities did not match up India Legends and Australia Legends. In the starting phase of the tournament, India will face South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand, Bangladesh, and England in that order. Every team in the tournament will play five matches, with each match being against a different team. Australia will play against Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, West Indies, and England.

This rivalry between two legends goes back to 2000 when Brett Lee made his debut for Australia. In the next 12 years, Brett Lee was the most successful bowler against Master Blaster. Brett Lee dismissed Sachin Tendulkar 14 times in his career, the most number of times for any bowler to get the wicket of the Little Master, but it is not like Lee gets Sachin every time.

He has scored more than 2300 runs, including 6 centuries and 11 fifties, in around 42 matches against Australia, who always have Brett Lee on their side.

It will be fun to watch these two legends play again against each other, best each other on the field, and test each other’s skills. One was the king of fast bowling, who bowled at a speed of more than 145km/hr (87 mph) in his prime, and another was The Master Blaster, who was once named God of Cricket by cricket fans. We hope to see a good game from both the players.

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