Top 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves: Size, Padding, Materials, Price

The most influential person on the fielding side of a cricket match is the wicketkeeper. He saves the bowler’s delivery from crossing the boundary and prevent by-runs.

A good wicketkeeper is always one of the main pillars of a team. A wicketkeeper also is responsible for the caught behinds. Not only that, a wicketkeeper receives throws from the fielders and runs out a batsman too.

If you are a fan of cricket, you must have seen the wicketkeepers wear gloves. Those gloves are very different in size and shape from the gloves of the batters. But if you want to be a wicketkeeper and want to start practice, then what gloves will be the best for you?

In this article, I shall tell you about the best wicket-keeping gloves that you can buy for your cricket matches and practice sessions.

How To Choose Wicket-Keeping Gloves

There are certain things that you have to keep in mind before choosing your wicket-keeping gloves for professional cricket matches and practice sessions. I am giving you the details of the things which you should check before buying your own wicket-keeping gloves.


For wicket-keeping gloves, the most essential part is the size of the gloves. Wicket-keeping is a very hard and responsible job in a cricket match, and one cannot be a good wicket-keeper if he wears wicket-keeping gloves of the wrong size.

Though the wicket-keeping gloves for adults do not vary in size, it is important to choose the perfect size of the wicket-keeping gloves when you are starting practice at an early age, because this will have a great impression on the coming days of your cricket career.


It is one of the main parts you should check while choosing your wicket-keeping gloves. The rigid design along with the padding makes a great difference for the wicketkeeper who is going to wear the gloves.

Wrong padding can give you pain and nasty bruises on your palm as it will fail in giving protection to your hands.

Palm Materials

Palm Materials come next which you should check before buying your wicket-keeping gloves. These materials help you in the game to do your job perfectly.

These materials manage the friction and help to grip the ball and make sure that the ball does not bounce off when you grip the ball with the glove. So, this part is an important one for wicket-keeping gloves.


When you are sure about all three parts I mentioned above while choosing your wicket-keeping gloves, next comes the price of it. There are so many wicket-keeping gloves available in the market.

You have to choose the right one with the right price if you want to save some extra bucks.

To understand how to choose your wicket-keeping gloves, see the video I attached for you where the great former Australian wicketkeeper Ian Healy is telling you how to choose the best wicket-keeping gloves for yourself.

Tips from Ian Healy to choose the best wicketkeeping gloves

Best Wicket Keeping Gloves

1. Newbery Legacy

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

Newbery Legacy Wicketkeeping Gloves are the leading wicketkeeping gloves that are ruling the market. They produce great wicketkeeping gloves made from leather and take care of all the major parts of the glove so that you can perform your best on the ground.

And the most important part, they take care of the main two things of a wicketkeeping glove, the fitting, and the catching cup of the glove.

Key Features 

  • Made of real premium leather with a bigger catching portion.
  • Memory foam-ended finger-part.
  • Octopus grip palm and unique patterns for airflow.
  • Available in Junior, Small Senior, and Senior sizes.

2. Kookaburra SC 4.1

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

Kookaburra SC 4.1 wicketkeeper gloves are the best choice for a person who is beginning his cricket career and about to start practicing.

They offer great protection including K-Flex patch support for both sides of your palm, and they make their thumb part well so that you can catch the ball quickly and the chances of dropping the catch reduce.

Key Features

  • Made of premium PU.
  • Rubber palm for enhanced gripping.
  • K-Flex support patch with premium PVC topping.

3. Newbery SPS MK IV

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

If you or your kid is about to start his or her practice sessions and you want good wicketkeeping gloves for him or her, then you can go for Newbery SPS MK IV gloves.

This is one of the best wicketkeeping gloves for newcomers as it comes with the best protection guarantee for your kid’s hands. These gloves come with memory foam end-fitting finger parts and professional premium octopus-type grips.

Key Features

  • Double-layered leather top.
  • Octopus grip with soft cups.
  • Finger ends are made of memory foam.

4. Gray-Nicolls Powerbow Inferno 1000

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

Ben Stokes is the official brand ambassador of these gloves. These gloves are unique in their colorful designs, made with lightweight PU, and these gloves come with a leather-backed Powerflex grip. That is why these gloves are highly flexible.

The cups of Gray-Nicolls wicketkeeping gloves are traditional English-style square cuffs along with extra HD foam padding. There is some added vapor foam in the thumb thimble of these wicketkeeping gloves for a perfect fit.

Key Features

  • Made of ultra-lightweight PU.
  • Leather-backed Powerflex grip.
  • Vapor-foamed ultra-light thimble.
  • Traditional English-style square leather cuff.

5. Oblivion Stealth

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

Made of premium leather, these super-designed wicketkeeping gloves are one of the best gloves because of the fitting and the protection they offer.

These gloves come with leather-backed octopus grips so that you can perform at your best on the ground behind the wickets. These gloves have the traditional square cuffs and vapor-foamed thimbles too.

Key Features

  • Leather-backed octopus grips.
  • Ultra-light vapor-foamed thimbles.
  • Square English-style cuffs.
  • HD foam padded leather cuddles.

6. Kookaburra Kahuna

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

This is another professional wicketkeeping glove for cricketers who want to play behind the wicket. The main attraction of these gloves is the palm of these gloves.

Those are made from non-stretchable super flexible kangaroo leathers. Also, there is a perfect enclosure for gripping the ball on the palms and fiber-wear patches at the ends of the fingers.

Key Features

  • Fiber-wear patch at finger-ends.
  • Enclosure for the perfect grip on the palm.
  • Made of non-stretchable super flexible kangaroo leather.

7. SS Limited Edition

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

Made of some best supple leather, these gloves come at no. 7 on our list of the best wicketkeeping gloves. The specialty of these gloves is, that they have the perfect catching pocket.

These gloves have 2 net inserts for ventilation on their back. Also, it feels really comfortable if you wear these gloves. SS Limited Edition wicketkeeping gloves are waterproof, so you will not have to worry about the weather.

Key Features

  • Made of the best quality supple leather.
  • Modest catching pocket.
  • 2 net inserts on the back for ventilation.

8. Thrax Limited Edition

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

Thrax makes these limited-edition wicketkeeping gloves with help of the feedback they receive from the players to give the players the comfort and flexibility they need on the grounds behind the wickets.

These gloves are made from super-quality customized leather and have embossed fingertips along with air meshes.

Key Features

  • Made of the best quality customized leather.
  • Embossed fingertips.
  • Air mesh.

9. SG Hilite

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

SG Hilite wicketkeeping gloves are made of aniline leather of the best quality. The specialty of these gloves is, that both the back and palm are leather-covered.

These gloves have air meshes for great ventilation so that you can play well in humid weather also. The cuffs of these gloves are padded which makes these gloves very comfortable. These gloves also have modest catching pockets.

Key Features

  • Made of aniline leather.
  • High-density foamed cuffs.
  • Palms are well-padded.

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10. Puma Evo 3

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

Puma Evo 3 is the no. 10 on our list, and these gloves are very comfortable, stylish, and also durable. These gloves come with Hextech premium palm made of rubber so you can grip the ball well.

It has foam of higher density in the cuffs which increases the security of the wicketkeeper’s hands. They also have T-shaped webbing support between the thumb and the fingers. There is a mesh CAT panel along with extra finger protection, and it is also PVC free.

Key Features

  • Fully leather-made back.
  • Hextech rubber grip on the palms.
  • T-shaped webbing between thumb and fingers.
  • PVC free.

11. Adidas Libro 1.0

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

Adidas Libro 1.0 is one of the best wicketkeeping gloves available in the market. Adidas makes these gloves with premium quality leather and designed padded cuffs for a perfect fit on hands and extra comfort for the players.

There is a rubber octopus grip on the palm with a reinforced section of fingers so that the wicketkeeper can grip the ball well and the fingers do not hurt.

Key Features

  • Made from premium quality leather.
  • Reinforced finger part for better protection.
  • Higher-density foam padding.

12. SF Sapphire

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

Number 12 on our list, SF Sapphire wicketkeeping gloves are cleanable and of premium quality. They have foam-filled vertical bolsters. These gloves have great ventilation so that you can play well on a humid day also.

These gloves come with a fully cushioned palm along with a great grip.

Key Features

  • Vertical bolsters filled with foam.
  • Great ventilation.
  • Fully cushioned palm with great grip.

13. SM Play On Series

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

These gloves are famous for their protection level. They come with gel-protected palms and are made of premium quality leather.

The gel-protected palms soak the sweat quickly and give a comfortable feeling. There is proper air mesh for ventilation on the backside of the gloves.

Key Features

  • Great longevity and abrasion resistance.
  • Great ventilation.
  • Made of premium quality leather.

14. BDM Aero Dynamic

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

These gloves are made of high-quality leather and designed with a round web and special high-tech pimple rubber. The palm is also made of cushy foam and leather and is designed with extra care protection so that a high-speed ball cannot hurt the hands. These gloves are designed with sweat-absorbing capacity and high ventilation.

Key Features

  • Great longevity.
  • Cushy foam and leather-made palm for great gripping.
  • Durable and great ventilation facility.

15. Spartan MSD Limited Edition

The Best 15 Cricket Wicket-Keeping Gloves

These gloves are made of aniline leather and are properly padded for the protection of your palm and fingers. You will find a soft toweling inside the gloves that gives great moisture absorption and flexibility. These gloves come with an Octopus grip along with short and round cuffs and leather piping.

Key Features

  • Lightweight.
  • Made of aniline leather.
  • Sweat absorbing and great gripping.


Here in this article, I have given details of the best 15 wicketkeeping gloves available in the market along with their key features of them. If you want to be a wicketkeeper, go and grab any one of these best-quality wicketkeeping gloves and start practicing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Are The Best Wicket-Keeping Gloves?

If you are looking for the best quality wicketkeeping gloves used by international players, then you can go for Kookaburra, Newbery, or Puma wicket-keeping gloves.

2. Which Wicketkeeping Gloves Does Dhoni Use?

Dhoni uses Spartan MS Dhoni Limited Edition wicketkeeping gloves. When Dhoni debuted, his fashionable orange wicketkeeping gloves attracted everyone.

3. Which Wicketkeeper Is The Best?

There are many wicketkeepers like MS Dhoni, Ben Foakes, Dinesh Kartik, Adam Gilchrist, and Ian Healy. All of them are or were the best at their game.

4. Who Is The No 1 Wicketkeeper?

According to the ICC Ranking, there is no ICC ranking chart for wicketkeepers. But wicketkeepers like MS Dhoni, Mark Boucher, Adam Gilchrist, Ian Healy, and Kumar Sangakkara have done great jobs on the ground behind the wickets and with the bat too. You cannot choose anyone out of these legendary cricketers as no. 1.

5. How Many Gloves Does a Wicketkeeper Wear?

A wicketkeeper wears a pair of wicketkeeping gloves while wicketkeeping. But he can change the gloves if he finds it problematic playing with that pair of gloves.

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