Best Wicket Keeper In The World

Mark Boucher, who holds the record for the most dismissals by a wicketkeeper, is considered the Best Wicket Keeper In The World.

Mark Boucher, a former right-handed batsman from South Africa who amassed more than 10,000 runs in international cricket, was a fiercely competitive and constantly aggressive player. The world’s best wicket keeper is Mark Boucher.

Mark Boucher, a former South African cricketer, is the wicketkeeper with the most Test dismissals. Boucher was a terrific wicketkeeper and gutsy batsman in all-game versions. Mark Boucher appeared in 147 Tests for South Africa and amassed 5515 runs (5 tonnes, 35 fifties) at 30.30. In January of 1999, he scored 125 runs against Zimbabwe. As a goalkeeper, he has 555 clearances.

Boucher appeared in 295 ODIs and scored 4,686 runs, including one century and 26 fifties. In September 2006, in Potchefstroom, he scored 147* against Zimbabwe. Heis third on the list with 424 ODI dismissals.

He participated in 25 Twenty 20 Internationals and scored 268 runs while capturing 19 wickets.

In cricket, the job of a wicketkeeper is a specialist one. As a wicketkeeper, one must be agile and fluid on one’s feet to be the finest in the World.

A wicketkeeper’s rapid stumping, diving catch, or saving down the leg side can turn the game on its head. As batting skills become more prevalent in modern cricket, wicketkeepers are becoming an increasingly important part of the batting order.

According to a recent survey performed by a team of CRICFANN members and cricket enthusiasts to determine the best wicketkeeper in the world, several well-known cricket players have received the most votes.

Top 10 Best Wicket Keeper In The World

Names of cricketers who have captured the hearts of fans and earned the highest distinction as the world’s finest wicketkeeper

1. Mark Boucher ( South Africa )

Best Wicket Keeper In The World

Mark Verdon Boucher, a former South African wicketkeeper, holds the record for most dismissals in a test match. 

From 1997 to 2012, he played 147 Tests and 295 One Day Internationals and was widely regarded as one of the top wicket keepers inthe World.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
9147 (Tests)
295 (ODIs)
532 (Catches)
23 (Stumps)
403 (Catches)
22 (Stumps)

2. Adam Gilchrist ( Australia )

Best Wicket Keeper In The World

Adam Craig Gilchrist, a former Australian wicket keeper and captain, has been named.

The highest dismissal in test cricket by an Australian. Known as ‘Gilly’ to his teammates, Adam played in 287 One Day Internationals and 96 Tests between 1996 and 2008.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
1896 (Tests)
287 (ODIs)
379 (Catches)
37 (Stumps)
417 (Catches)
55 (Stumps)

3. MS Dhoni ( India )

Best Wicket Keeper In The World

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, commonly known as “Captain Cool” because of his giving and calm demeanor on the field, is India’s cricket sensation. When playing limited-overs cricket, MS Dhoni is known as one of the game’s best wicket keepers. A member of Time magazine’s “Most Influential People in the World” list.

Between 2004 and 2020, Dhoni played 90 Tests and 341 One Day Internationals, making him one of the most active players. Fans also think of him as one of the best finishers in the sport’s history. 

Dhoni is a world-class wicketkeeper with a stumping pace of 0.08 seconds.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
790 (Tests) / 350 (ODIs)256 (Catches)
38 (Stumps)
321 (Catches)
123 (Stumps)

4. Kumar Sangakkara ( Sri Lanka )

Best Wicket Keeper In The World

A former Sri Lankan wicket keeper and captain, Kumar Chokshanada Sangakkara is widely regarded as the best batsman in cricketing history. Between 2000 and 2015, he played 48 Tests and 300 One Day Internationals, making him one of the most active cricketers.

His batting on the field is among the top 10 best wicket keepers in the World.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
11134 (Tests)
404 (ODIs)
182 (Catches)
20 (Stumps)
402 (Catches)
99 (Stumps)

5. Ian Healy ( Australia )

Best Wicket Keeper In The World

While Ian Andrew Nealy ranks fifth among the World’s finest wicketkeepers, he also goes by the nickname “Heals” and set a world record for most dismissals in one-day internationals before retiring.

From 1988 to 1999, an Australian batsman in the middle of the order

Played 119 Tests and 168 One Day Internationals in a long and productive career.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
7119 (Tests)
168 (ODIs)
366 (Catches) 29(Stumps)149 (Catches)
39 (Stumps)

6. Rod Marsh ( Australia )

Best Wicket Keeper In The World

Rodney William Marsh, the sixthbest wicketkeeper in the World, held the record for the most dismissals when he retired.

According to Wisden, only a handful of bowler-wicketkeeper pairings have had such a significant impact on the Gentlemen’s Game.

From 1970 to 1984, he appeared in 96 Tests and 92 one-day internationals.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
96 (Tests)
92 (ODIs)
343 (Catches) 12(Stumps)120 (Catches)
04 (Stumps)

7. Jeff Dujon ( West Indies )

Best Wicket Keeper In The World

Wicketkeeper Peter Jeffrey Leroy Dujon, a former West Indian cricketer and lower-order batsman, was renowned for a quick stumping. In 1981, he made his internationaldebut. 

Played in 81 Tests and 166 One Day Internationals before retiring in 1991. Because of the way he used to catch balls, he deserves a spot among the World’s top ten best wicket keepers.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
81 (Tests)
170 (ODIs)
267 (Catches) 5(Stumps)183(Catches) 21(Stumps)

8. Brad Haddin ( Australia )

Best Wicket Keeper In The World

Bradley James Haddin, an accomplished right-handed batter and wicketkeeper from Australia, rose to prominence after filling in for an ailing Adam Gilchrist. 

Centuries in test series, Brad had a long career from 2008 to 2015, seeing him play in almost 100 one-day internationals and six test matches.

Wicket Keeper Haddin deserve to be ranked eighth in the world since he is quick at clearing up stumps.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
5766 (Tests) 126(ODIs)262(Catches) 08(Stumps)170(Catches) 11(Stumps)

9. Moin Khan ( Pakistan )

Best Wicket Keeper In The World

Even though Pakistan has a slew of outstanding wicketkeepers, Moin Khan remains the country’s ninth-best choice. As a player, Moin began his career in 1990, and he retired from the national team in 2004. He played in 66 Tests and 219 one-day internationals

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
569 (Tests) 219(ODIs)128(Catches) 20(Stumps)214(Catches) 73(Stumps)

10. Brendon McCullum ( New Zealand )

Best Wicket Keeper In The World

Brendon Barrie McCullum, one of cricket’s most recognizable names, was New Zealand’s captain in all three forms of international cricket when he became the first player.

Record two 2020 international centuries and 2000 runs. In 2004, he began his professional career,which he maintained until 2016. McCullum took part in 101 Tests and 260 One-Day Internationals. He is the tenth-best wicketkeeper in the World, but he is the last one standing.

Jersey NumberMatchesTotal Test DismissalTotal ODI Dismissal
42101 (Tests) 169(ODIs)198 (Catches) 11(Stumps)262(Catches) 15(Stumps)


About the Greatest Wicketkeepers

1. Who Is Currently The World’s Best Wicketkeeper?

If you want to know the best wicketkeeper in cricket, MS Dhoni is it. A wicketkeeper and batsman, he had great success in both roles. ‘

2. Who Is The Most Skilled At Fooling?

One of cricket’s greatest stumping artists, MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI, holds the record for the most World Cup stumpings with 13.

3. Which former wicket keeper batsman holds the record for being the greatest?

MAHENDRA SINGH DHONI (535 Matches: 823 Dismissals)

He was also a superb batsman and a wellrecognized wicketkeeper in his time. The famous Australian squad of the 1990s wonseveral Test matches thanks to his 4000

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