Who Is The Best Finisher In IPL?

Let’s first understand what a finisher means. Initially, we shall understand a layman’s point of view, for him finisher is a simple word that means a person who finishes something while staying motivated from the beginning till the end. Best Finisher in IPL While for a cricket heart fan finisher shall mean to take a note that all the teams take quick runs at the end of innings.

The role of the finisher doesn’t end here, they are also required to assess the pitch and make a well-informed decision about batting in the first place. The ability to handle pressure determines whether a player can perform in death overs or not.

Top 5 Best Finishers in IPL

MS Dhoni

Who Is The Best Finisher In IPL?

Even though he has retired from international cricket he remains the best finisher in the world. Though this list is being joined by new finishers every day, Dhoni remains at the top. Regarded as one of the finest white-ball players, erstwhile CSK captain has been successful in making place in everyone’s heart with his brilliant captaincy and gallantry batting skills.

Idolized for his fearsome attitude, Dhoni has a strike rate of 188 and an average of 36.29 in death overs, which is one of the best for any batsman with a sizeable amount of innings.

Dhoni knows how to play with the bowler’s mind as a consequence of which he is the one to choose his bowlers. Apart from this, his incredible self-confidence and trust in his approach make him the best finisher of all time.

AB de Villiers

Best Finisher in IPL

Former South African International Cricketer, AB de Villiers, has been awarded as ICC ODI Player of the Year thrice. Though a great batsman, he stands next to Dhoni when it comes to the best finisher. After playing thrice for Delhi Capitals, he joined RCB and became their backbone.

Since he got into the league he became a permanent feature in the IPL showcasing his impressive versatility. The only player to make more than 5000 runs in an IPL at an awestruck strike rate of 150+ is ABDV.

He has played 184 matches and scored 5162 runs at a strike rate of 151.69 out of which he made 1808 runs in death overs at a strike rate of 224.6 with an average of 46.36. Apart from this, he has smashed 251 sixes in his IPL career following Chris Gayle. These stats depict why is he one of the best finishers in history.

Andre Russell

Best Finisher in IPL

Jamaican international cricketer often regarded as an all-rounder has played more than 300 T20 matches throughout the world. Regarded as a fierce batsman, Andre has knocked down various bowling attacks with his outstanding performance.

Bought, back in 2014, by KKR, this muscle man has won 2 MVP Awards and has become the mainstay of KKR.

Andre, the powerhouse’s best innings were against Mumbai Indians in 2019, scoring 80 runs on 40 balls out of which more than 50 runs were scored in the last 3 overs. After this who can deny the fact that Andre is one of the best finishers in history?

Kieron Pollard

Best Finisher in IPL

Fast bowling all-rounder, Kieron has been inseparable from Mumbai Indians since his joining and even MI has always stood beside him because of his capability to turn the tables upside down.

He is one of the reasons MI emerged as a winner five times. He has been successful in scoring more than 3500 runs in death overs, making him a destructive batsman. Able to smash 214 sixes in his IPL career, he emerged as one of the best finishers in the IPL.

Hardik Pandya

Who Is The Best Finisher In IPL?

Captain of the winning team & Best Finisher in IPL of 2022 Gujarat Titans, Hardik is an Indian International cricketer who is known for his immediate actions.

He possesses an impressive capability of reading the situation and acting accordingly.

After playing 92 matches with a score of 1476 runs at a strike rate of 153.91 in just 7 years makes he stands 5th on our top finishers’ list.


1. What are death overs?

Death overs are the last four overs of an innings.

2. Who is the greatest finisher in IPL?

Dhoni has been regarded as the greatest finisher in IPL.

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