BCCI will host these three Tournaments In future.

The Emergent Apex Council had a meeting that took place virtually. India currently has the hosting rights of this year’s T20 World Cup and 2023 World Cup.
 The BCCI is assured that it will host an ICC tournament every three years. India has hosted the T20 World Cup, the Champions Trophy once, and the World Cup jointly.
The BCCI will declare that in the next eight-year event cycle of the ICC, India will be the host and that cycle will start from 2024.
The BCCI has determined to bid for internet hosting the Champions Trophy, a T20 World Cup and an ODI World Cup.
They will host the Champions Trophy in 2025, the T20 World Cup in 2028 and the ODI World Cup in 2031. The Apex Council has agreed on this.
The International Cricket Council (ICC) recently announced that the subsequent Future Tour Program (FTP) would consist of the Champions Trophy, which has not been held after 2017.
The ICC has determined that there will be 14 groups in the 50-over World Cup from the T20 World Cup will be extended from now.
Champions Trophy is played by just eight teams so it is a small tournament. However, CT is very popular. After the World Cup in India in 2023, it will be appropriate that the Champions Trophy will be played.
India has to host a world tournament after every two or three years, and it truly is why BCCI is bidding for three events.

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