BCCI To Hold A Meeting This Weekend To Discuss The Final Plan For This Year’s IPL

Governing Council (GC) for IPL will host a meeting with franchise owners, broadcasters, and Central sponsors through teleconference on Saturday this week. What will the meeting be about? Let’s find out!

There were already talks about this year’s IPL being held in UAE and now it seems that it has been finalized and IPL 2020 will be played in UAE behind closed doors as we saw GC chairman Brijesh Patel talk about the plans for organizing this year’s IPL in UAE.

There will be a teleconference meeting this Saturday where the final drafts of the policies will be presented to the major stakeholders of the franchise and the details will be discussed. However, before that, we have some brief idea about the plan that BCCI and GC have made for IPL 2020.

Limited Interaction OR Bio-Secure Bubble 

Apart from the testing, everyone will create a so-called ‘bubble’ which limits the people they can interact with and this will be followed by everyone including BCCI staff, players, and other members of the teams, broadcasters, etc. Interaction outside one’s bubble wouldn’t happen without appointments and will happen through coordinators. 

 Revenue Pools And Gate Money

BCCI To Hold A Meeting This Weekend To Discuss The Final Plan For This Year’s IPL
BCCI To Hold A Meeting This Weekend To Discuss The Final Plan For This Year’s IPL

Since the number of matches hasn’t been reduced and all 60 matches will be played over 51 days there will be no change in the revenue pool. However, there would be no gate money since the event will be held behind closed doors and BCCI commented on this that If the IPL didn’t take place there wouldn’t have been any income to look so it is better to let go of gate money.

Travel And Accommodation of Players

GC chairman Brijesh Patel said “In all these years of IPL, the responsibility of accommodation, hospitality, travel, etc. during the IPL – has been of the team owners. Nothing is going to change this year.

The only change will be in the SOPs with regards to COVID-19.” However, BCCI said they will coordinate with UAE authorities to get ‘discount hotel rates’ and will provide several options to the franchises and it will be up to them which one they settle for.

Medical Assistance

All the Franchises will arrange their medical team and there will also be a central medical team arranged by BCCI. Ones the players and staff reach UAE their testing will be done by their medical teams who will coordinate with the central medical team. Also like other members of the staff and franchises medical team will be in a Bio-secure bubble as well.

Player replacement and Loaning

The player replacement is allowed in case of injury or any other reason and no changes have been observed in this policy. Also, franchisees are allowed to travel with extra players to avoid any last-minute travels.

The board said they will draft the policies and hold the meeting this Saturday, they also said once the plan shared there will be questions and they will prepare for them. So how will the meeting go? We will let you know all about it when the meeting takes place so stay tuned.

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