BCCI Lands In Trouble Over DRS Controversy Of CSK vs MI Match

The Indian Premier League has achieved the biggest popularity of world cricket today. Which has made BCCI a huge brand in the cricket world. BCCI earns thousands of crores in a season from IPL.

Power Cut blew BCCI’s fuse in IPL

BCCI is the powerhouse of the cricket world in terms of money today, a tremendous example of this has been seen in the IPL, where from giving money to cricketers to tremendous high profile arrangements and facilities, BCCI has added to its fame.

But even after having such a big name and money, BCCI got in a lot of trouble. The 15th season of the IPL was continuing its journey of success, when the power failure in the 59th match caused a lot of trouble for the BCCI.

DRS could not be used due to power cut

The BCCI, which is considered to be the most powerful in the cricket world, got a tremendous setback here. The DRS technology was switched off due to a power cut in the first 10 balls of the match played between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. Chennai Super Kings had to bear the brunt of this.

Chennai Super Kings in-form batsman Devon Conway could not take the DRS due to a power failure after being given out leg before. It was clear that Conway would have avoided getting out if he had DRS.

BCCI cannot keep DRS system running after power cut

Power cuts can happen, this is a technical matter, on which no one can have control all the time, but the question is whether there is no system to keep the DRS system running in case of power cut by such a big rich board of the cricket world. could have been done.

There is no interference in the lights from the generator when there is a power failure in the entire ground, so why such a system was not made for the DRS system. After this case, the BCCI has definitely suffered in the entire cricketing world. Now it will be interesting to see what steps BCCI takes to ensure that such an incident does not happen again.

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