BCCI Is Set To Lose 2000 Crores Because Of The Postponement Of The IPL 2021 Season

The Indian Premier League is not only about entertainment. But it also involves money for the board, players, support staff members, broadcasters, and the sponsors. But due to the ignorance and mismanagement of the BCCI, the board is set to lose 2000 crores because of the postponement of the IPL 2021 season.

In the IPL 2021 season, only 24 days of play was possible. Only 29 games were played before the BCCI postponed the games for an indefinite period because the players and support staff members were tested positive.

BCCI has the biggest loss of revenue that they get from Star Sports India. Star India has signed a five-year contract with 16,347 rupees, and they pay the BCCI 3269.4 crores per year. Star India has paid 1580 crores approximately for 29 matches, and because of the cancelation of the rest of the matches, BCCI is set to lose 1690 crores.

Vivo is a mobile company, and it is the title sponsor of IPL. It pays the BCCI 440 crores to host every IPL season. But due to the postponement of the IPL 2021 season midway. The Indian Board will get just half the amount.

And then there are associate sponsor companies like Dream 11, tat Motors Safari, Cred, Un academy, and up stocks. These companies pay the BCCI with 120 crores each, and the board will get the half amount because the IPL 2021 season wasn’t completed.

BCCI will lose a substantial amount, and it will also reduce the money to all eight franchises. The franchises of this cash-rich league tournament will get half of the money due to the postponement of this season.

The postponement of the IPL 2021 season is a massive loss for the players as well. The franchise will pay the players according to a pro-rata basis. The players should be available to play all the matches. But now, it’s the franchises who have stopped the IPL because of the COVID issue, and due to that, the players will get half of the money.        

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