BCCI AGM: Members have significant concerns for Sourav Ganguly; Will the BCCI President have sufficient explanations?

The units of the cricket committee, apparently disappointed by the way in which the former Indian skipper and president of BCCI, Sourav Ganguly has taken off about enlisting with different brands even despite the occupancy of an respectful role he has and more grandly he enrolled with numerous brands which may be straightforward competitors of BCCI’s self sponsors – are anxious of the menace of ‘ambush commerce’ which the enterprise is occupied in whispering about.

There are numerous concerns coming to everyone’s mind with Sourav Ganguly’s multiple conflicts: 

  • For what numbers of brands has the President enrolled for?
  • Of enrolled these brands, what numbers of brands are straight competitors of the board’s own sponsors?
  • How does this action portray the BCCI, while the President of the board himself promoted the fantasy league?
  • Can an office-holder of the board earn from the sport ecosystem and furthermore, BCCI’s self sponsors? 

An elder person from BCCI stated some instances and brought up concerns: 

  • Dream11 purchased the title liberties to IPL and he enrolled with their competitors MyCircle11. Even though the sponsor might not have brought up an official objection, but this action by the board’s president portraying them nicely?
  • Ganguly accepted to work with immediate competitor of Indian jersey backer Byju’s a while ago. Formerly, he enlisted with different edu-tech corporation. ‘Byju’s hasn’t honed an official objection but why should they loiter for them to do the same’
  • The Adani Group is a probable funder for an IPL group when the following supporter backs out. Ganguly is an envoy for a palatable oil commodity of the same corporation.

They stated that the roster wouldn’t stop. Furthermore, what’s terrible is that all of the concerns are obvious. He has got to clarify about what he did. If in case he wishes to create wealth, he could’ve effortlessly accomplished it without inhabiting the role in the board.  As, the man is India’s ex-skipper.

Sourav Ganguly was initially proposed the position of the IPL regulating committee Chairman in October 2019, when the partners had seized custody of the board. This was the conference in which Sourav Ganguly requested and he told that he wished to take control over the board’s president’s position.

A young member stated BCCI ends up being sinful in all such cases of its particular error in the history. 

Even though it has performed so many better things, it will be beclouded by such few mistakes. So, it must be rectified and must not be reiterated. 

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