Bangladesh Cricketer Saif Hassan, Courage and Conditioning Coach Test Positive For Covid

Cricket fever has started though there is an impact of coronavirus cases all over the world. As there are more or fewer cases in all the countries let’s check what situation is Bangladesh plates are facing as they are ready to play T20. 

“Our doctor for COVID-19 is expressing Lee’s report to check whether it is an old infection or the new one before counseling on the management schedules.”

As per the statement by Bangladesh Cricket Board’s (BCB) sports doctor Debashis Chowdhury to ESPNcricinfo. Let’s check the details in the following article. 

The batsman of Bangladesh Saif Hassan and the new power and conditioning coach of the team, Nick Lee came back positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday followed by the initial first round of tests arranged by the country’s apex cricket body. 

Bangladesh Cricketer Saif Hassan, Courage and Conditioning Coach Test Positive For Covid
Bangladesh Cricketer Saif Hassan, Courage and Conditioning Coach Test Positive For Covid

Both the team members have sent on self-quarantine. Hassan allows his test first appearance earlier this year. “ our senior doctor for  COVID-19 is analysis Lee’s case to ensure whether it is an earlier infection or new before counseling on the management plan”- BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board) sports doctor Denashis Chowdhury opens up to ESPNcricinfo.

A practice faction for a timetable trip of Sri Lanka trip in October-November is all set to appear at the end of the recent month. 

Bangladesh Cricket Board is making preparations to keep the cricketers at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka and arrange a shut-door camp in Mirpur.

The Test players of Bangladesh and the BCB’s number one performance Unit side are likely to attend for Colombo on September 27. 

However, as we talk about the coronavirus situation in Bangladesh than it has a remarkable number of cases.  Bangladesh has a report of more than three lakh COVID-19 cases and the deaths around 4500. 


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